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Mounting Booster Straps on Tecnica Rivals

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Everytime you guys rave about something I go out and buy it! Haven't regretted it yet. :

So. when the three strap Booster straps arrive I need to figure out how to 1. remove the old straps from my Tecnica Rivals and 2. mount the new ones.

These boots have a thumbwheel "forward lean" adjustment on the back and the power straps thus are rivetted in behind the piece of plastic that this moves in and out.

Should I;

1. Cut off the old straps and just put the Boosters on the back of the boot outside the plastic piece

2. Try to remove the rivets and mount the Boosters under this back plastic piece.

3. ??????
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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz
2. Try to remove the rivets and mount the Boosters under this back plastic piece.
2. is so difficult that even Tecnica didn't do it- each one of those straps is actually split to go around the cuff spoiler. 2 straps per boot.

Still sorting out mine, too- I don't really need the cuff spoiler (pseudo-"forward lean") so I am very tempted to rip the entire assembly off. Have yet do decide what will go in its place and fill up the missing chunk of boot shell, if anything can.
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hi comprex, so what are you doing with your booster strap now?
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Ran it through 'round the barrel screw adjuster kinda loosey-goosey. It doesn't move much laterally. It looks like I'll end up using a screw rivet on either side the cuff spoiler, tho.
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so the whole thing is inside the shell?
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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz
so the whole thing is inside the shell?

Eh, no, it dives in and out, in a W shape. Somewhat like:
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Scalce, we can't find your setup on this server.
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booster3.gif works and booster 4.gif is half there, other two not at all.

nice drawing comprex
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Friggin Verizon is screwed up.

stupid FTP issues

workin on it
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fixed em
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by the way guys. I hope you have a great 2005 full of great turns, lots of love and lots of money! I really enjoy talking shop with you!

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Thanks for the pictures Scalce that's really nice of you. And comprex your drawing shows me exactly what you're doing - awesome!

i'm getting the 3 strap is that what you have? I was thinking of mounting it on the outside back of the shell, then diving in at those side slats to be inside the shell in the front and front sides.
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Scalce has the 3-per/I'm using the 2 strap as this is part of my soft-everything setup (after Pierre's inspiration, thank you!).

I'll be curious to see it when you're done.
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I have the 2 strap booster.

I only weigh 160-170 and I think the 3 strap would make too much of a gap between my tongue and shell.

I have been more into bumps then anything else so I wanted to keep my ankle flexible.
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Should SkiMangoJazz also pick up some of that glucosamine in the pics ?

Nice job -- and thanks for posting those pics. As I mentioned in some other thread, you & I have the same boots; now I know how to attach the boosters. I think I'll order up the 3-strap version, as I'm a bit heavier.

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Be careful when drilling out the rivots as they can freespin and rip the plastic apart.

I don't have a good drill so that could have been an issue.
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Hi Guys, so my 3 strap booster straps arrived today at work and I followed Comprex's drawing and got them around the forward lean wheels and it seems to be great. No need for screws. Putting them inside the shell is a bit weird on the front but doable.

I posted a question for Jeff Bergeron - the boot guy - about inside or outside the shell - and he had an interesting reply saying it depends on how much flex the boots have. Since my boots do have plenty of flex already I'm going to try it both inside and outside the liner to see what feels better.


1. Booster straps can be a helpful product, and how you use them depends on what you are trying to do. (For anyone not familiar with Booster straps, they replace your power strap with one that is elastic. This can provide better hold on the upper leg and improve the flex pattern.)

The question is do you like how your boots flex or are they either too stiff or too mushy? If your boots flex well, I recommend you keep the Booster straps on the outside of the shell. If your boots do not flex very well, then I would put the straps on the inside of the shell. This will improve both the "return" (how well it goes back to an upright position after flexing it) of the boot and how well the boot holds the mid-calf.

Still, there is no ideal flex pattern for all skiers, so you may want to try both positions. Keep the above advice in mind but do not be afraid to go with what simply feels best to you.

Good luck,
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Booster straps on - day 1.

First run on easy slope with straps outside shell - not much to say.

Second run, same slope, straps inside shell - wow! every slight movement transferred right to edges. Lateral moves immediately put skis up on edge.

Rest of day on varied slopes. Perfect. Loose upper buckle, tight booster straps, I love them.

They are a bit weird under the shell on these particular boots, and kind of hard to tighten as the buckle is right up against the edge of the overlap. But worth it.

No screw necesarry as they wrap around the forward lean wheel quite nicely.
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