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Part 1 (Driving related)

The trip started out well. Contrary to usual practice, I actually got all my stuff loaded in the car and my clothes together the night before, in preperation of a 7 a.m. beat the gapers run from Tahoe Donner (Truckee) to Alpine.

Well, about 6 a.m., I survey the driveway. A small berm at the end, which I dispense with. The trouble wass the service had plowed the dieway about 2:00 the day before, and sine then we'd had about 2ft of snow. I figure that the snow is soft, I'm headed downhill to the street and my Yukon will just plow thru that shit...wrong.

Having understimated the depth of the snow, by the time I got to the bottom, enough had piled underneath to high center me...which I took care of after about an hour of digging and many expletives.

Then I hit the street...about the same two feet had fallen since the town had plowed the road. But, because all this snow fell on warm wet pavement from Wed. on, there was (and is) some serious ice underneath. As I was slipping and sliding down the street (actually, it was kind of fun), a service guy, who I thought had seen me, backs his blower really fast out of the drive way. I'm about three feet away w/ no brakes...there is noyhing to do but go into the bank, which is soft anf I plow through. The remainder of the trip to Alpine is largely uneventful, if you forget about a liottle fishtailing incident on 89 near the dump turnoff.....{end pt. 1}

Part 2 (Skiing Related):

Due to the morning delays, I didnt leave until 7:45. I got to Alpine about 8:20, and then proceeded to park right up front...no one there yet and the snow had stopped. I get my ticket and am told that Roundhouse will open at 10, Summit around 12. OK...a bit of a delay, so I get some overpriced coffe and hang out.

Well, Roundhouse actually started about 9. I see this and get out about 9:15. First run I cut a hard right (my preferred route off Roundhouse,,,the nose was being gapered) and immediately hit about 4 feet of fresh mostly untracked. Down to Ladies Slaolom with the idea of hitting the Tiegel Chutes. Ladies Slalom, though, is completely untracked...not much vert. but a choice warm up. I then proceed to hit Tiegel and Gunners, along with a couple of hikes skiers left of the face. Much was gotten, especially at Tiegel, which remained with untracked lines till about 11.

I missed the Maggot meeting at 10, though I did make a couple of inquiries for nickel change....this generated some strange looks.

After Summit opened, 12ish, hit there with good results, The D Chutes had great visibility and snow. Wolverine was good as were the far sides of the face. All in all a great day...sorry I missed Freshies, Divegirl et al.

Also, today was my first day on my Expolsivs. That is a stiff ski, noticibly more so than my G4s...but much fun. I will enjoy nailing the sweet spot on those monsters
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Bump For Everyone Enjoying Indian Summer on the EC

Saturday at Sugar Bowl was even better.

And its still snowing.
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