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Poll: PSIA, PMTS, or other?

Poll Results: Which school of teaching do you follow?

  • 31% (14)
  • 8% (4)
  • 22% (10)
    Mix of PSIA and PMTS
  • 20% (9)
    Race Training
  • 17% (8)
    None of the above
45 Total Votes  
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So the poll is: which "school" do you follow? Are you strictly a PSIA skier, PMTS, a mix, race based training, or something else? I was just curious what the numbers were. I'd rather not have people arguing one versus the other though, so just use this to find out the raw numbers.


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Ummm - other is very broad - could you not have broken us down a bit? we have 3 boxes for USA brands & 1 for all the rest of the world there Greg.... (unless all the Euro's say race )
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Originally Posted by disski
(unless all the Euro's say race )
I guess that's how I'll have to vote!
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seems like it fox... maybe we can establish indoor ski racing while I am in the UK?
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Place me in the "race training" category - and I'm not one of the "euros."

So there. :-)
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informal coaching from Yoda

other coaching from ESA

neither fixed PSIA, nor fixed race coaching. some of everything, I'd imagine.
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I consider my school of teaching to be an eclectic conglomeration of everything I've ever learned about physical education from being a student, participant, and coach. I agree closely with the Skiing Concepts piece from PSIA that I posted in its own thread, especially the last sentence:

We teach people, not a system.
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I'm a combinatioin sponge and still. I soak up everything I can, figure it out, distill it and apply as needed. If it's a skiing technique or a teaching technique it must be doing something for somebody. I also have a good background in physics, which helps.
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I realize that europe has its own teaching methods that differ fromt he US. I could have included CSIA as well, but those are systems that I am not familiar with... also, i dont see them as direct competitors to PMTS and PSIA. PMTS and PSIA seem to be in direct competition with each other.
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There are "systems" and there are "organizations". With regard to the latter, PSIA appears to have a number of semi-autonomous regions, each of which is governed by a fairly large number of members. PMTS appears to be one person setting the agenda - and please correct me if this is not the case. How is PMTS governed, and by whom?
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I don't follow any system myself. I will gladly adopt, borrow, steal from any "system" if it makes sense to me and works for me.

Besides, I am highly skeptical about "teaching systems". I find that there are as many "teaching methods" as there are instructors. Everyone seems to have their own progressions, tricks, analogies and quirks. But when you take a step back, they are all talking about very similar movements and they all converge to the same thing at very high levels of skiing. Surprise, surprise!
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What do you say if you have been taught in USA by an unqualified inexperienced instructor

I'm having a lot of fun in my first season as an instructor. FWIW last week I taught level 1 and this week it is level 5 and I taught level 6 (open parallel to carving) the week before that so if you show that you're a good teacher and not a complete gumby you won't spend your whole life on the bunny slopes. This is at a fairly big US resort.
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