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Stu Campbell sends his regrets

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We regret to announce that Stu Campbell had unscheduled major surgery last week and will not be able to coach at EpicSki Academy 2005 at Big Sky. Stu will be stopping in to post some remarks. We’re really going to miss Stu at ESA, but we have a deep enough coaching bench to absorb the loss, and our main concern is Stu getting well and back on his skis. Both Stu and Weems Westfeldt will be back in the ESA coaching line-up in 2006.
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Stu, may your recovery be as effortless and smooth as your skiing has been.
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Best wishes for your speedy and complete recovery, Stu.
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Very sad to hear that, Stu's an incredible coach. I hope the surgery went well and that he is back on skis ASAP.
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Get Well Stu. We'll see you at next year's ETU and ESA. I hope you get back on skis soon.
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Get well soon, Stu!
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Stu it was great to meet you at the ETU, you have such a wonderful warm way about you! Get well soon.

ps. thanks for telling me not to be afraid of my SX:11's - I LOVE THEM!
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Stu's response

(Stu Campbell asked me to post this on his behalf)

Mom Nature has been about as kind to me as She's been to the Northeast, where it poured all last night -- at least here in Stowe. In November I was stricken with pancreatitus -- something I don't recommend. That's fine now, but some surgery was called for (a) to head off any recurrence, (b) to remove a hiatal hernia the size of Texas, and (c) to move some innards to where they are supposed to be.

What should have been a simple three-hour laparascopic procedure turned into an 11 hour marathon with three surgical teams at work. The docs deem it a huge success, but I'm dubious since they cut me every which way from Sunday and I hurt everywhere. Feeling better every day, but a normal two-recovery period is now extended to eight. (I'm trying to negotiate with the primary surgeon for six, and may or may not be winning...)

So I'm crushed to miss the western ESA for the second year in a row. (Last year I had a prior engagement in Sun Valley.) I have had opportunity to teach clinics all over the world, on all kinds of levels, on myriad subjects, in every snow condition and terrain situation. From my point of view as a coach, the ESA provides as fine a learning environment and experience as can be found.

The best part about coaching skiing is how much the coach learns each time out. I always insist after each session that nobody has had more fun than I -- and I'm never exaggerating.

Given all these opportunities for enlightenment and epiphany (;-)), combine that with the curious nature and intellect of the typical ESA participant, and you've got a coach's wet dream.

That's why I'm so sorry I won't be rolling into Big Sky later this month -- a place I've never been BTW. But I'll be thinking about you. Have as much fun as I would have.

See you when the wind shifts.

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get well Stu. heal fast. we'll make some turns for you, hopefully some of them will be good ones!
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Get well, Stu, I'll miss meeting you very much, indeed...
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I just got another reason to return in 2006
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Stu, we will all miss you in Montana, But I just may see you in Stowe sooner than we thought just a couple of weeks ago. Get well soon!!!!!!!!
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As one of your lucky ETU students, I learned enough to keep me thinking and improving the rest of this season!

Many thanks also for the gear critiques. We helped Dina suffer through the demo process, and she wound up purchasing new Omecarve 9's. Next it's my turn!

Best wishes for a speedy and smooth recovery. I'll be eager for the next opportunity to ski with you.

- Gina
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Glad to here you are aggressively recovering! I wish you well!

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Best wishes for a fast recovery, Stu!

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Stu was sighted skiing on Spruce yesterday!
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All right! He said he wanted to get back on skis by February.
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Give him our best... and let him know how much he was missed in Big Sky!!!
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