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Lisa Marie External rotator help please

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LM, Just wondering if you have a good strengthening exercise for external hip rotators, preferably one I can do at home? I'm getting a lot of tension through the hips and think the external rotators are being overpowered by the internals and therefore working too hard. Just wondering if you have a miracle exercise. My meagre workout equip consists of dumbbells, a mat and a physio ball.

Do I need to make a contribution to your summit county fitness business endeavours or is mere verbal support of your efforts adequate? Thanks.
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MIA CULPA!!! I can't believe I missed this one. It's not as if I was partying so hard on New Years Eve. :

Start with a dynamic flexibility warm up. Lie on your back with both knees bent. Stabilize your left hip and knee. Pick up your right bent knee. Without any movement on the left side of your body, circle your right leg 4X to the right, and 4X to the left. Keep the knee bent.
Repeat on the left leg.

For the next exercise, we usually use something called a rotating disc. It works on the exacy same principles as a saucy susan. However, if you have a hardwood floor, you can simulate the same action with a hand towel. Place the towel under your right foot. Iniating the movement at the hip socket, simply externally rotate the leg in its socket. Do 8 reps on each leg.

While we generally prefer closed chain exercises for sport, this one is not bad.

This one is even better;

If you externally rotate your legs as you side step, you will put more emphasis on the external hip rotators.

If you have access to a slide board, that can be useful.
Hope this helps! Sorry I took so long to reply!
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Thanks for the reply, no probs on the time. It forced me to think a bit and I came up with some that have helped. These sound good though but I need to read it again and sort it out when I'm much less tired then try them. I'll let you know.
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I was just getting hammered by a cold the other day when I read (or was unable to read) this first. Now I've read and taken in your suggestions although am loath to get on the floor get my feet above my head and raise my heart rate as I'm sure my sinuses WILL explode.

I particularly like the look of the first Tina Juan exercise and have been doing a variation of this. The toe pointing is a good variant I'll add. Mine has been doing a bridge sideways but using a ball to cheat and doing the leg lifts.

Your first one looks good especially for range as I think this might keep a lot of my problem area strong but mobile.

Another I started on and you don't mention is the classic aerobics fire hydrant. This seems pretty spot on to me, any thoughts?

One other question. Looking at your suggestions and my own thoughts I would think skate XC skiing would be a good one but I have run into trouble pretty quick skate skiing especially doing it the same day as alpine skiing. (Early season easy days and trying to justify the drive while getting some exercise). Any thoughts there? I've found in the past this combo really tightened up my whole hip structure quickly.

Thanks again, once my head stops feeling like exploding I'll put them to practise.
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