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Little Help Please

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I'm trying to help out a friend here, so if anybody can shed some light on this, please let me know.

My friend bought a new pair of Salomon Crossmaxes on e-bay the other day. The seller shipped him the skis alone, when the item page clearly implied that the bindings came with the skis. The skis arrived, without bindings. My friend contacted the seller to find out where the bindings were, and the seller claimed never to have had the bindings. Problem 1.

My friend called local shops around his area telling them of his situation to see if he could get a new pair of bindings for the Crossmaxes. All shops told him that Salomon only sells the skis with bindings and you must go directly through Salomon to get service done to them. Therefore, you cannot buy the bindings apart from the skis. His problem is now he has a pair of skis that he cannot put bindings on. Problem 2. Is this true? Is it not possible to get bindings for these skis apart from buying the whole package?

Aside from obvious questions on if these skis are stolen, what can be done at this point? I personally feel that the seller of these skis misrepresented what was being sold, and should send him bindings, or refund his money upon return of the skis. But, can anything be done to get some bindings on these skis from a shop? My friend heads to Summit County in less than a week with these, and would like to take these with him if at all possible.

Heres the site with the skis if anybody wants to take a peek:
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Rip off. Alta, what are we doing working today? R. :
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Go after the seller. Make sure you print out a copy of the ad, and/or have ebay print a copy of it. It clearly says that the bindings are included. It even has the specific binding type
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> These are the top of the line Crossmax 10p by salomon. There numbers are R 18 SC 107 69 102 Monocoque Composite Double wall Pilot prolink s914 din 4-12 L185 Color Electric Blue These retail around here for 1195.BRAND NEW NEVER USED.2001 / 2002 model I will ship them and insure them on ups for 1200 dollars all for free. These will be shipped only after payment is received, by UPS with insurance.Payments of money order by western union or epayments. These are beautiful skis that will make your friends envy you.I promise you wont be dissatified with your buy thanks. Sorry I cant put a picture of these babies on with my computer. BIDDING starts at 1/3 of retail value. any questions please ask.

If he does not resolve it, See if ebay can help. otherwise it's off to small claims court. You can probably sue for the difference and maybe you can try to get the cost of renting/demo skis since you can't ski on them. If they are stolen, there's not much you can do other than try to sue the seller for mis'representation.

I think that's correct. Laywers here please help out?
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He clearly states in the add that there are bindings. s914 din 4-12 . Depending on how the transaction was paid for, I'd either return the goods (seller to pay shipping) and get the money back, or get the bindings from the seller. Then, I'd list the seller on Ebay as a risky trader.
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as far as what to do, Salomon should be able to sell him bindings. The shop's should have some bindings because you have a choice of bindings when you purchase. When I purchased mine, they asked me which bindings I wanted. s912ti or s914. The bindings also come in a demo/rental version so a local shop should have bindings. It's a matter if they want to sell them because it might leave them with a ski and no binding at the end of the season.

Good luck. Contact the local rep. They might be able to help out getting a binding and then if you can get the binding that was originally paired with the ski, maybe return it to the rep for a refund?

By the way, it takes a torx driver to install the bindings and recommends 5 NMeters of torque for installation.
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Have Your friend contact his credit Card company.That is if he paid with a credit card.Most card companies will withhold funds from the seller if there is a problem.The Ebay listing clearly says that 914 bindings are part of the deal.
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Contact Ebay. I beleive they have some sort of seller rating or feedback system.
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well your friend is going to be in denver on his way to summit county & should have info on seller.that seems to be where the skis came from.besides contacting ebay ,they only have a 200.00 safety net & that cost 25.00 so you end up with 175.00 but since he got the skis that might not apply,they might have another avenue for misrepresenting the skis allthough if this person is not a skier & copied a salomon add as a lot of people do who sell things he should at least take the skis back.it could be an honest mistake.like dchan said start calling shops & hunt a salomon rep.by the way here is a # for salomon 1-800-654-2668 the only problem with shops ect is I bet they don't care to be competing with ebay allthough a lot of them sell products with ebay,but they may not be to helpfull unless you find the right one.
goodluck bteddy
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