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where to eat in Dillon

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My family and I are heading to the summit shortly and will be staying in Dillon. Could any of you advise where to eat as well as any other memorable things to do in the area? We will have a car so it can be somewhat far away. Any help would be great.
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Arapahoe Cafe
Fiesta Jalisco {actually in Silverthorne, but close enough]
Dillon Damn Brewery
Sunshine cafe {also Silverthorne}

In Frisco, check out Boatyard cafe on Main Street and Silverheels , also on Main.

Memorable things to do? SKI!!! and meet up with local Bears!
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Lisa Marie had a good list. ( I forgot about Sunshine Cafe... I used to go there all the time and then stopped for some reason. Good place for breakfast.)

Arapahoe Cafe can be a bit pricey, but also check out their bar "Down Under" in the basement. It has a different menu that's a lot cheaper and the food is just as good. It's a pub atmosphere. Also, Pug Ryan's is really good - again, it can be a bit pricey, but the food is usually really good. Unfortunately I've also had some disappointing meals there, but for the most part it's been great.

Wild Bill's is a great place for pizza and sandwiches.
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Pug Ryan's Brewery and I think it's coin mint also great steak houses. Try to get down town Frisco if they have the ice display my kids and I liked that. Toni
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Quiznos, good subs and it helps if you speak Spanish.

Pug Ryans is good as is the Dillon Dam Brewery.

Claimjumper in Frisco, not fancy but real good food, cheap too.

The Mint in Silverthorn for cook you own steaks and Prime Rib, not cheap but real good.
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I agree with Arapahoe Cafe. If you like Chinese food, try Bamboo Garden behind the McDonald's in Dillon. It's reasonably priced and has a nice dining area but also does take-out and delivery.

Oh, there's a local hardrock mine that you tour if you want to experience some of Colorado's mining history. I think it's the Countryboy mine???? It's near Breckenridge - I think.
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...and, if you want an "experience" with exceptional food, try the Alpenglow Stube at the top of the Gondola at Keystone. This is the kind of place I like to visit once as a "date night" with my bride during a week's vacation...
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good, teh pub down under is open again! That was my favourite local. I even had my own stool. I liked the ribs and wings at Dillon Dam Brewery and it was a nice environment. For fast food, Chimayo burrito place near City Market was great, nice fresh burritos. Wild Bills was good for US pub food, Pug Ryans always annoyed me a bit, very touristy.
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Originally Posted by ssh
...and, if you want an "experience" with exceptional food, try the Alpenglow Stube at the top of the Gondola at Keystone. This is the kind of place I like to visit once as a "date night" with my bride during a week's vacation...
Definitely a great place! We go there late in April when they do 2 for 1's (they also do 2 for 1's in Nov.) Along the same lines is Keystone Ranch. I think the Ranch is even a notch better. It's a true 4-star restaurant, six course meals, with the sticker shock to match. Der Fondue Chessel is a great place too and it's also at the top of the gondola - it's fun to take about a dozen people there for the social atmosphere. Since you're close by, you should give them a call on the shoulder season. They're more than happy to tell you when 2 for 1's are going on.

For completeness, I should mention this great restaurant we have down in Silverthorne. I eat there all the time, and judging from the number of people in there it seems to be a popular place. They serve all kinds of stuff - breakfast, lunch, and dinner and kids really love it. It's located right off the interstate and it's called "McDonald's". This is the kind of place I like to visit once as a "date night" with my girlfriend during a week's vacation...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. McGriddles.
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more ideas

Try Mexico in Dillon. It is rather pricey, but like many places in Summit there is a bar menu that is much less. Same for the Blue Spruce in Frisco, eat in the bar to save some money. Nice think about Summit it is Non-Smoking so you can eat in the bar. For burgers, pizza try Maxwells by city market, cheap eats. We too eat at the "Pub down Under" they have nightly specials that are a great deal.

If you make it over to Keystone our friends own the Fritz Alpine Bistro, not a great dinner choice for kids but fun for Apre Ski or lunch on the patio. Excellent wine list if you are a wino like me
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Dillon Dam Brewery!
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Hacienda Real south of Safeway in Frisco for good Mex.
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