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Do somebody knows, how many degrees is tuned originally side edges of Fischer RX8 - 90, 89? Because i've wrote few times to Fischer and Fischers dealer and unfortunatelly no answer from it.
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Rossen, welcome to EpicSki! While I ski the RX8, I do not have an answer for you. However, I suspect someone here does. I suggest that you change the title of this thread from "Hi," to "Fischer RX8 side and base bevel" or something like that. Folks may not drop into this thread to read it.

I will ask one of the resident reps your question, though, and ask him to drop in.
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Welcome to Epic!

To answer your question, the factory tune has a 0.70 degree base edge bevel and a 2.75 degree side edge bevel. When I hand tune them myself using a file guide I set a 1 degree bevel on the base edge and 3 degree bevel on the side edge. They ski the same either way.

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Hi Rossen,
Glad you got an answer. What's the original factory side and base bevel angle on the original Kästle RX12 National Team Super Giant Slalom ski, the heavy ones with all that aluminum in them? (Hey, it's worth a shot; it worked for Rossen.).
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Thank You People,
I'll try with -1, and -3 degrees, and will see next week.
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