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Hard to Fit Foot/Boots!!

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Problem - 17in calf, high instep, D-width - Can anybody tell me what boot or boot manufacturer makes advanced+ boots that have good forward flex(or adjustment), firm yet comfortable, and don't have a high back that would cramp my calf? I have tried Technica Rival X10 - too high and little flex! Lower end novice/intermediate have the right height and flex, but too soft for real support Any sugesstions? FRUSTRATED!!!
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That's a tough set of issues ... I wonder if Salomon's Performa 8.0 would work? Are U a woman? Then Performa 8.0/W. The 8.0's cuff is lower but it's not a push-over in terms of flex and it has a long range of flex. It's also pretty customizable. I thought it was pretty roomy, but I don't know about widths, etc. I also think you might find something in Nordica's GTS line, esp. the 8, or perhaps better, the new Head S 8, with the cool "Full Comfort System," which might work well with your D foot. The cuff problem however might come into play with the Head boot. Just my 2 cents! In any case, to me it sounds as though you need to get as close as you can and then get some bootfitting done!
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Technicas have a very high shaft. I could never wear them. I'm a current fan of the fit of the Atomic Widebody line. I have a massive calf, thin ankles, tiny heels, massive wide forefoot and an orthotic which needs room in the boot to lift my instep up. The Atomic Widebody B9 does all this. Pity they leak and are cold, but the fit is bloody incredible.
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ain't cheap, but it might be worthwhile looking into Strolz. If you can find a shop that makes them, they are basically built to your foot.
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Agree with Manus....Strolz is a good place to start...get a footbed made too, it'll stop your feet from spreading out...and you'll get a truer shell-fit...and I bet a Daleboot would get you a great fit...??

That's what Hotronics were made for
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Thanks .......this gives me a good start! You guys are great!
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Try Daleboot isn Salt lake city. He is the only custopm Boot Maker in the USA www.dalebootUSA.com
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I have a pair of Strolz boots, and I highly recommend them. Yes, they are expensive, but they will last at least 10 years, and almost everything is replaceable. They also include custom footbeds.
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I will play Devil's Advocate here, Strolz's, while a great fit and very customizable, should last a long time, however, if something breaks, there are few shops that can fix em. I broke mine twice while out west causing me to lose a day at Alta (in powder damnit) and forced me to buy new boots in Jackson (broke on the first day of vacation) - I even had the parts to fix em if they broke in Jackson, but no one could.

However, when I got home, I was able to have them fixed in a matter of minutes and was back in em in no time.
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buckles can be moved too! custom liners?!
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I have similar leg shape issues to you and tried a ton of boots. Finally went with the Nordica Beast 1O W.
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