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Utah: How's the Snow???

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Looks like it's dumping, and has been dumping for some time now. How's the quality of the snow?? Low precip or high?

Thinking of heading out there next Thursday for some pow's it looking???
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It was heavy Yeasterday But getting lighter by the min. If this keeps up bring your skis and scuba gear.
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I am definately spending too much time on this chatroom because I think about you guys when I'm sking-so here's the report from the last two days-

We've been getting by on hard snow and good grooming since almost Thanksgiving- but it's dumping now- Wednesday was the first pow day. I skied Park City in the morning and the snow was heavy- not at first, it cooked up by noon, and I bagged it, wasted, to go to work. But there were plenty of fresh tracks to be had everywhere- about 6-8" on the groomers but more on the steeper stuff- it was pretty incredable to ride up the lift with the guests, do a traverse and a short hike, and stand at the top of a run 100 ft wide and 1/2 mile long with zero tracks on it. It snowed heavily all day. All of the upper mountain bowls remained closed for Avalanche danger so they're just collecting snow. I dont know wwhat went on today because I went around to Alta.

The Cottonwoods are higher and the higher you go the lighter the snow. It was crowded- a long, slow train of cars going up the canyon, with many for the Bird too. As we went up that magical transformation from the urban mid winter whatever into the clouds happened. First it starts to snow, then the wind picks up and by the time you get to the resorts it's a different, high alpine world.
The line at the new Collins lift was scary. Some of the regulars (I'm a PC guy now) told me that come next week the lines will be gone again so don't worry. But it didn't matter. The report was 17" new, it was snowing moderately heavy, and the wind was drifting and filling tracks.
What can I say- it was epic- as good as it gets. The powder was essentially bottomless- not super champaign light but hero snow that you could really bank great turns in. The wind compacted pow was just as good for most of the day. It was windy and a little nasty and low visibility, but that's great. Very little was actually open-the backside closed except for Greely Bowl, all of Main Street and Ballroom & the Shoulder, Devil's Castle, of course. I didn't go to Supreme but skied mostly untracked pow off Rustler Ridge- I hardly even saw other skiers except on the traverses and near the lifts.

I think a lot of people were in the lodges- I talked to a fellow Bear who was with his family- two kids, and I know where that's at, and they were stuck on the blue groomers mostly which are actually the hardest terrain to ski on those days. Nothing but piles of junk with not much gravity to pull you through, howling wind and blowing snow- not a lot of fun for most little kids. And the Sugerloaf chair gets really wind blasted at the top. No wonder that many people stayed inside. But for those of us outside it was a memorable day. A season top ten at least.There's more coming, they say. Colorado's next.
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Sounds good, y'all. I hope it keeps dumping enough so the usual avalanched-danger goods are still closed by the time I get there. Wishful thinking, I know...but you never know...

I think we should have some sort of pin or hat to wear that marks us as Bears, so we can say "hi" to each other on lifts, in lodges, etc.
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All i can say, get ready for some big big B I G ! snow

Depending where the reports are coming from here at Tahoe, anywhere from 6 to 9 FEET!! in the last 3 days, and more on the way.
Took me 2 hrs to dig out one of my cars this am.
Hopefully this system won't slpit before hitting the Wasatch Range.
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It's hitting now- the wind was so strong this morning the empty chairs were hitting the towers. Snowing very heavily and cold. I expect they've shut down more than a few lifts till the front goes through. Near gale force winds on top and total whiteout. My wife and I went up for a while but came down along the trees to avoid what wind we could. Drifting snow and some new powder on top of old made for interesting conditions. Lodge day today. Tomorrow, powder heaven.
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It was a whiteout up there It was so bad at one point I got vertigo. couldn't tell if I was moving, standing still or up or down or sideways. Wierd feeling. i put my polls out and used them like cat wiskers. that worked I got my bareings and headed down the mountain. I can't imagine how hard the wind is blowing at Snowbird. Think I'll do new years at 10PM That would be midnight in New York. I'll be up early and ski while most everyone will be hungover. Happy New year everyone
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Jan One 2005 What a perfect Day! Dry cold smoke powder from knee high up to mid thigh high! I was good last night so at PCMR early. The clouds parted The sun was out temps in the 20's There can't be a more perfect day! This is the only way to start the new year!
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