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Demo results - SX10, 5 Star, Crossfire, Head XRC1100

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I am in the market for a new set of skis and I thought I would post my findings and thought I would pilfer the advice of the board on what to do.

Skiier: 5' 10" 180 lbs, experienced type III+, 80% short radius, 20% long. Usually in VT. Generally likes steep and fast terrain with an occasional trail into bumps/glades.

Boots: Nordica W 10.2

Previous Ski: Salomon Axendo Equipe, Power 7. I lost 15 lbs and these skis now ski me.

Demoed Skis at Mount Snow.

Atomic SX 10 (170 cm) - I loved this ski, it was unlinke anything I have ever felt ... like driving 4WD for the first time. Fast, corners and turns like a dream in short or long radius turns. Crud, corn snow, ice ... doesn't matter, no chatter or instability. My only issues with this ski are 1) awful, awful AWFUL in the bumps, and 2) may require just a little more energy that I want to spend in a whole day of skiing.

Atomic SX 10 (160 cm) - My thinking was that I loved the stability in the construction of the ski, but lowering the size might help get the ski around in the bumps. I was right, it worked, but I got a bit of chatter in on choppier snow at high speed. It also didn’t cut through the crud as well.

Vokl 5* (168 cm) – I liked this ski, but it didn’t drive me wild. It was more forgiving than the Atomics, and was pretty stable at high speed. I got a considerable bit more chatter than the SX10’s at higher speeds and choppier terrain. The tips were soft enough to deal with the mogul field more adeptly than the SX10 160cm.

K2 Crossfire (167 cm) – Probably the best ski of the group, I think. It didn’t do anything all that well. Decent stability, decent turn responsiveness, can handle bumps decently. Soft shovel made it really easy to turn and the tail kicks you out pretty decently.

Head XRC 1100 (163 cm) – It was the surprise of the group. I believe that the dampening technology works pretty well. It was pretty close to the Crossfire; however, it wasn’t as responsive in short radius turns, it stumbled just a little bit in areas where the Crossfire was more responsive. Admittedly, I was pretty tired at this point in the day, and it could have been my own laziness.

Some questions for the group:

1. Do people generally agree with my assessment of these skis? I realize that we all have our preferences, but I am curious to know if others have similar experiences.

2. Are there other skis that I should be looking at?

3. I am going to guess that Crossfire it is … BUT I was so impressed with the SX10 … does anyone think that dropping to the SX9’s will help out by taking the titanium drivers out of the equation?

Thanks in advance for all your advice.

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Now the way that I am thinking of it is the SX9 v. K2 Crossfire
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