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Bindings for Head Madtrix Mogul

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Hi all,

First off, I know very little about bindings and haven't been able to find much info on the web. Are there different kind of bindings for bumps vs carving? What are some bindings for the Madtrix Mogul that would work well for me? I'm 6'0" 145 lbs 305mm sole length and an agressive class II. Price is a factor and right now I'm looking at the Tyrolia sl100.

Thanks for any help,
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Sell your daughter to get better bindings for bump skis. Premature ejections happen in the bumps more often than anywhere else and there is ntohing more frustrating than to be ripping a zipper line and look down and see only one ski...
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Well, I shoudl rpobably give you some specific advice as well. The head madflex are a pretty good deal for a binding that goes up to din 15. I think yo ucan get them for around 150 if you are careful...I have carving bindings on my madtrix twins and they eject a lot now in the bumps. Instead of getting new bindings I went and got new skis and bindings...I have problems...
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As a general rule...

...any of today's modern bindings will do just fine from a safety point-of-view. However, if you're gonna' be playing mostly in the park, pipe or moguls, a binding with a lot of elasticity will be your friend. Elasticity is basically the ammount of travel a binding heel/toe piece will have before it actually releases. As long as you stay within the elastic range of the binding, the binding will actually keep you engaged vs. releasing pre-maturely. Once the forces return to normal, the binding will re-center you. Also, a high-elastic binding will allow you to use lower DIN settings, which can be safer since crashes/falls are common in the bumps and the park.

Look's turntable-design has been the standard in elasticity for decades. They also feature great shock absorption and extremely easy entry/exit as well. The current turntable line is called Pivot. I've used Look turntable bindings on several of my skis for years and cannot say enough how well they perform. Again, it's not that they're better per se, it's just that their toe/turntable design offers features that other binding makers do not. Check out Dynastar's web site for more info and pics...you can get them for cheap at many shops or web-sellers.

If you want a binding with true park/pipe cred, look at Line's bindings...they're pretty innovative in that they can be swapped from ski to ski and they, too, feature a turntable-heel. I haven't heard/read too much on them in terms of real-world performance, but if they're good enough for Line's pro team, they're probably tough enough for anyone else in the park.

Right now, I'm using Marker Piston bindings that came with my skis. I really like them and how they make my skis work and feel. But, if I were on a ski that did not come witha specific binding...I'd most likely be on a Look Pivot turntable.

Good Luck...
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Another Question

Thanks for the great insight. Lifters are used to enhance carving right, so would they hamper performance in the bumps? I'm tempted to just spend for some nice look bindings. Just trying to weigh my options and find the best deal. No daughter to sell yet, I'm stlil in college so...
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Also, in bumps is either lateral or veritical elasticity more or important, or are they equally important.
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I cannot give you...

...a definate answer on the lifter question, but the big tradeoff to using a "lifter/platform" system is that, while you get better dampening, increased edging performance and (usually) better edge hold, your skis will ski damper (lose of snow feel) and your overall skiing experience may not seem as "snappy". Depends I guess on how you want your skis and skiing to feel while you're in the bumps.

Elasticity is important in both directions, since release-load forces are hardly ever purely vertical or horizontal.

Good luck...
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