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Skier: 5'10" 165 lb, PSIA l2 Cert
Ski: Fischer '04/'05 model RX9, 170cm, Railflex2 FX12 bindings, sidecut 109-69-96, radius 17m
Terrain skied: 2 or 3 days at Loveland, mostly early season hard snow, green and blue terrain. Some cut up powder, moderate bumps.
Other skis I like: Fischer RX8, WC SC, Sceneo 500, Big Stx 8.6
Disclosure: I am a Fischer ski area pro rep.

I have only had a chance to ski these on green and blue terrain that is open in the early season with mostly firm snow. On the first run I noticed that the skis felt noticably wider under foot than the RX8, but after the first few turns this feeling went away. This is more of a medium and long radius turn ski than the RX8, but they do not feel cumbersome in making short turns. They carve nice high speed arcs, and are very stable at speed, a bit more so than the RX8. They are great cruisers.

I skied soft rounded bumps where they were especially good, and some short choppy icy bumps where they felt a bit cumbersome, but that was most likely due to pilot error.

I tried them in some windblown crud where they blasted through it without any deflection or balance upsets from chunks, ruts, and mounds of snow.

To me the RX9 feels like a GS ski while the RX8 is a slalom ski. Before the advent of shaped skis, for all mountain skiing I always preferred GS skis because of their stability, even flex pattern, and greater width. The RX9's give me this same feeling. You might say that they have a bit of an old school feeling to them compared to a super carver like the World Cup SC. I think that this makes the RX9 a good selection for an accomplished "old school" skier who wants to take the plunge into the world of modern ski technology, but does not like the short radius turn carvers.

I'll add to this report after I get a chance to ski these in powder and more ungroomed.