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Review: Fischer Big Stix 8.6 '04/'05 model

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Skier: 5'10" 165 lb PSIA L2 Cert
Skis: Big Stix 8.6 "04/'05 model, 170cm, sidecut 120-86-107, radius 26m, carbon fiber chassis construction, Fischer FX13 demo binding.
Terrain skied: Loveland Basin mid December conditions moderate blue terrain with hard man made snow, soft groomed snow, 7" to 10" cut up powder, moderate bumps.
Other skis I like: Fischer RX8, RX9, WC SC, Sceneo 500
Disclosure: I am a ski area pro rep for Fischer.

So where do ya test a powder ski? We already know its supposed to work in powder, so lets try it out on the stuff we'll have to ski after the pow is gone. First run was on Spillway, a steep blue, which was its usual hard and scratchy self. They had good edge grip here and easily held a nice medium size arc. I did notice some vibration that I don't feel in a stiffer skis such as the RX8 or RX9. On softer snow than Spillway, the vibration went away. I played around with turn shape on the softer groomed. Although the ski's radius is listed as 26m, you don't need a 3 lane highway to make turns. This ski has a soft, even flex pattern, and when you put 'em on edge they bend enough to make nice medium radius carved arcs on the groomed with very little effort. Cool. A powder ski that's fun on the groomed. Oh, I almost forgot - short turns are no problem either.

Bennett's Bowl had 7" to 10" of cut up and sun baked powder that had several days to settle. It looked nasty, but the Big Stix were butter smooth going through this stuff. They were not deflected by chunks and ruts, and they handled speed well. Fire Cut had soft wind blown moderate sized bumps. The skis were very nice here as well.

Fischer bills this as a ski that is versatile enough for powder, trees, and soft groomed. I agree. Even if you have to ski some harder snow they're not bad. I'll add to this report after I have a chance to try them in some real powder conditions.

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sounds like they're about the same from last year, Jim. I'm the same size and ski the 180cm, which does not have the chatter on hardpack you described. it carves quite well, but it's most at home in the crud and pow for sure. I love it for big mountains, but it's a handful on small ones... 4 turns and you're home, if you know what I mean...

we just got 8" new overnight at Club LT, so I'll be on the 8.6 tomorrow!
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Yes, the 8.6 appears to be pretty much unchanged from last year. It was not chattering that I was feeling on the hard snow, it was more like I could feel the little marble sized chunks of snow that were left by the grooming. Sort of a foot massage. Once I hit corduroy it went away. Can't wait to try 'em in some freshies. Have fun tomorrow. Its dumping at Loveland, but I'll be working, most likely with first timers, so no steep and deep for me.

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aaaahhh. gotcha, agreed. I notice the enhanced feel for the snow with both the 8.6 and the WC SC.
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If you need another fFischer to ad to the quiver check out serria trading post Bigstick 7.6 for less then $300.00 If I didn't already have too many skis i would be adding them to my quiver.
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the fisher big stix 7.6 are now on sale for $159.99

that's a GOOD price
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I just saw that and my bank account is wishing I hadn't seen that. But at that price add some of last seasons binding and for under $350 you have great rig . I'll have to check around and see if i can find some look P10's or 12's
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