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Agony is reading this...

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While you're stuck in MD where its 55 degrees and cloudy.

From the Kirkwood web site:


10:00 on Thursday morning…

This one’s deep. It’s been snowing for days; a foot here, fourteen inches there. Not really big news for Kirkwood, you might be thinking. True. But last night the snow gods checked in, and it looks like they are here to stay for a while. They dropped a couple of feet overnight, and that’s at the valley floor. We've gotten close to three at the top; the wind has pushed it around some, leaving drifts in excess of five feet in spots. Dry and deep, it's basically bottomless and presents a prime opportunity to break out the ol' snorkel.

Copious snowfall aside, the most notable factor of this particular pile of powder is the density. The moisture content is 9%... dry and cold, just the way we like our champagne. Can’t really think of a more appropriate way to ring in the New Year… Here’s to health, happiness and champagne powder for all our friends!

We’re hunkered down right now, riding it out. Can’t turn the lifts… too much wind, avalanche hazard and no visibility. Can’t open the road for the same reasons. So whether you’re in or out, nothing to do but wait. And dream. Because when this thing breaks, it’s on. These are the days that legends are made of.

We’re about four feet into this storm; weatherman says we may have as much to go. We say bring it on… this is what we live for. We are in the midst of a classic Kirkwood storm, which means we are on the cusp of legendary Kirkwood powder days… guaranteed to be extraordinary. Start planning now for when this storm breaks. You’ll treasure the memories of how you spent New Year’s 2005 forever.

**Happy New Years to all Bears, enjoy the first turns of the year!


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live up On Kingsbury grade, near Heavenly's Boulder Lodge, called the wife this am, she saidat least 3 feet in our drive way.
Been stuck in Reno( drive semi) trying to get over the hill for 2 days. Told my dispatcher today, i'am going to head back to the house tonight. Might as well go skiing in the am
Will be the first expreacne skiing Seirra Cement.
We all know Utaw has the driest powder
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Hello fellow Merliner. I got out on Whitetail Tuesday. They do a great job with the machine made snow. Had a great first day this year.
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Well, I took the bike out today. I was wearing shorts....

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Originally Posted by tahoetr
Will be the first expreacne skiing Seirra Cement.
We all know Utaw has the driest powder
From the temperatures (10~30F) it seems like this won't be the typical Sierra Cement. From my limited experience, Sierra Cement occurs because the typical temperatures at Tahoe are just around freezing point most of the time when it snows, and then climbs up to 40~50 highs during the daytime.

I can't wait to get up there for the weekend. Hope the roads clear by then.
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well i hope your right.
i live near the boulder lodge of Heavenly, and the last couple of storms it has been wet
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