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Nordica Doberman Issue

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I have the Nordica Doberman WC 150 and love the boot. However, I find putting them on and taking them off to be almost unbearable. Any suggestions on how to make it a little easier?

I knew going into the deal they were going to be painful to put on and remove, but thought it might get easier over time. Even with the pain, they are still awesome--they fit like a glove, performance is top notch, and they are not going to fall apart like so many other boots on the market.
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Tight boot fit

I have the K9s by Nord and the same issue, I found that thermofitting the liner and warming the boot up before I put it on to make things easier as the plastics become a bit more malleable.

Then again you could always cover your foot in butter...

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Are you removing the lineer and putting your foot into the liner and then sliding your foot and the line into the boot? That is the only way i can get mine on. I dont have the model that has the liner that laces up either... I'm not sure the laces would fit anyways. I can actually get into my Dobermanns after one season easier than i can get into my Head S12's... but i dont have to take the liner our of the S12. The only other advice i can offer you is to make sure the boot is warm when you put it on. My team mates will often put their boots under the hand driers in the bathrooms to get them warm enough to let the plastic expand and give a little bit before they put theirs on. Most of the trouble i have is getting them off...
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I have not tried taking out the liner and then putting them on, thanks for that idea. My liners do not have laces either. I keep them in the house and then directly to the truck so they stay as warm as possible, so putting them on is not as bad as taking them off.
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as suggested elsewhere put your liner on like a sock and then slide into the boot still not easy but less pain.
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Who sold you your Dobermann's? I would have expected any good shop to show you how to put them on before you bought them. I literally cannot get my foot into mine without taking the liner out first. They are not an easy boot to deal with, but the performance that you get out of them is definitely worth the hassle. After free skiing this season in my Head S12's i now realize just how much the Dobermann helped my skiing. The Head's are actually about the same in comfort, but more versitile so i can travel all over the mountain with them... instead of just on hard pack.
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Keep them warm before putting on
Take a hair drier or a hot-air gun and pre-warm them before taking off
(Put them on and take off in the sauna.)
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I sure hope its worth it to go through what in my observation sure appears to be a good bit of hassle. Apparently it is. I'm curious on the coldest of days in Jan.( assuming we get cold Jan days next month). How long can you ski before popsicle toes win and you have to come in to warm your feet? I have had boots in the past that I could only last 2 hrs before I had to get my toes warm again. Do you guys know of anybody getting frost bite in a Dobie?

I respect your commitment to having the most responsive boot available, but to us Doberman outsiders it sure looks like it comes with a price.

Maybe its an age thing with me now, I just can't stand frozen feet.
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Usually i can go about two and a half to three hours before i need to run in for a few minutes. When im racing or training it is worth it. Even free skiing the boot is more responsive and more powerful than any boot i have ever used. I have an alternate boot to free sking in so that im not always abusing my feet... although if i had softened my dobermanns i would probably use it for all mountain skiing as well. Most people really bash me for skiing in them... but you wont understand them until you ski in them... especially when you carve on them. I'm trying to get my dad and my brother to switch over to the softer models for next season... my brother on the 130 and my dad on the 110... unless my brother wants to go to the 150. On normal days they really arent that cold... no more than any other high performance boot out there. The key is keeping them unbuckled for the lift ride. Before i owned the Dobermann i wasnt a huge fan of unbuckling my boots every run, but you really cant stand to keep them buckled while your feet dangle in the breeze.
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