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Boston area people attending ESA

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Is anyone from the Boston area attending the ESA? I would like to attend this event very much but would like to see what others are doing, travel schedules, rooming etc. I have not been on the EPIC site for some time and noticed the upcoming event. I have just gone through a divorce that has left me not to happy a camper and this ESA event could be a welcolme relief from all those issues. I've only been skiing for 4 years now (very young 47) but I just fell in love with the sport and want to improve as much as possible. I need to make up for all those lost years quickly!

I look forward to hearing from anyone
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Pm kevinf! Hope you can join us! Go Red Sox!!!
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Go. Meet cool people. Have a Blast. Discover there are ski bunnies out there who will kick your ass. You'll love every minute of it.
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I'm a former eastcoast skier. Used to live in CT. This will be my first ESA also. You will meet people that love the sport, good spirits and you will improve your skiing ability. Go, relax, enjoy, ski untill your legs can take it anymore....There is a guy looking for a roomate also.... Just check the forum
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C'mon, Jeff! It'll be great. If you need help getting connected, check some of the threads here. It's likely someone can meet you at the airport, hook up for rides, etc.

We're driving up from Denver, getting in on Saturday evening. We'll ski Sunday at Moonlight Basin with a number of Bears, then the ESA for 4 days... Jump in with both feet! If you don't do it this year, you'll just be one year older when you do!
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My husband and I are going from Boston area. This is my first ESA and our first trip skiing outside of New England. We are arriving on Friday and leaving the following Friday.
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So... Are you coming, Jeff?
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C'mon Jeff, fight the inertia. Take the plunge!
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