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Utah Resorts

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Hi, I'm a New Englander looking to get out west sometime in March. I've only been to Tahoe and Alberta out west, so I'm looking for something new- preferably Utah. If anyone has any good suggestions of places to go, I'd like to hear them. The criteria I'm considering:

- cost- not too pricey!
- varied terrain- the people I'm traveling with are of all ability levels, so I'd like to find a place with something for everyone
- lodging/nightlife - I don't care too much about nightlife but I'd like a good place to stay for a reasonable price

Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated!

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Last February we stayed in Sandy and skied Alta, Snowbird, Solitude and Brighton. If that's not enough variety I don't know what would be. Lift tickets range from a high of $49 at the 'Bird to about $37 at Brighton. Rental car was under $100 for the week (compact). Motel was Extended Stay America. $40 a night for weekly rate. Kitchenette and 2 queen size beds. Wasn't looking for nightlife, but suspect there is some. Went to Jazz game. Lots of other things to do in SLC. The skiing, by the way, was incredible.
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Park city is Utahs only real ski town. It is an old mining town. Most of old town was built in the 1860's to 1880's. You can do it on the cheap here well at least ski town cheap. There are 3 World class resorts all with in 10 mins of each other Thats over 9500 acers od skiing, offering just about any type of skiing you could ask for from steep chuts to narrow New England style runs to Parks and pipes to the best groomers you will ever ski. You name it you will find it here. A day trip from Park City, about a 30 to 40 min drive over to the Cottenwood Canyons will satisfy the most hard core skier in your group. A 45 min drive will take you to what I think might be Utah's best mountain Snowbasin. It is well worth a drive up there. Come to Utah have fun I don't think there is anyplace in the US that has 8 world class ski resorts all within an hour of the airport. Add 30 more mins and you add two more mountains to that list.
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Dear No-longer-in-mourning fellow New Englander:

Sandy is great for cheap motel lodging and easy access to Cottonwood Canyons but they are not that far from Park City, which is a funner town. I am biased because I own a unit there, but check out Redpine Condo's near The Canyons: http://www.allseasonsresorts.us/prop.../area/overview

You can also find some units for rent from owners for less:

It ain't fancy but it is comfortable (especially for a group) and convenient. Half the time we end up getting take-out and hanging out. Dan's is a good supermarket and there is a liquor store (real beer, wine, and spirits) in the shopping area right off the highway exit. The Canyons ski area itself will be virtually empty in March and will appeal to skiers of widely differing skills. You'll need a car but you should have one anyway because Alta/Snowbird/Solitude are definitely worth a drive.

Biggest problem is you will never want to ski Loon ever again.
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If your looking for an adventure, try the Utah Interconnect.
You ski from Deer Valley, all the way over to SnowBird, Alta, with stops inside the ropes at Park City, Solitude, Brighton.
These are guided tours, geared toward the high intermedate, expert skier.
All guides well versed in back country skiing, they put safty first.
www.skiutah.com for more info.

On another note, Utah get ready. Currently a huge storm system over Tahoe, looks like it'a aiming for Utah.
Last report 4 feet at Kirkwood,Ca,3 feet at Heavenly( near my house). And it doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon..
Been trying to get over Donner for 2 days in my semi. No go.
Going sking in the am. darn
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Oh boy! I have new K2 Apache Chief Powder skis! The first phase of the front started yesterday I had some fun at PCMR Jupiter chair closed due to wind loading. Mc Conkeys was open but the best was off in the glades off of 10th mountain. It has ben snowing off and on all today and They (knock on wood ) say the real strorm will hit tonight. By the time this heads for Colorado we should have at least 3 foot of snow!
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Hey Utah, what we are getting here in Tahoe, should be working it's way over to your neck of the woods in a day or so. Get ready for pow pow Save some for my trip there in Feb.
Snowing hard here in Reno as i type. I-80 west of reno, and east from Applegate,Ca closed due to blizzard condtions.

Check this link out, you will be amazed
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Thanks for all the great advice. I can't wait to get my butt out there. I don't know what the heck I'm gonna do with all that powder though- I'm not even sure I know how to ski in that stuff!!!
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Went to tahoe last year and it was great! Utah is great as well and having been there 6 times over the last several years I would stay in Salt Lake if ski in/out isn't important. Even if the cottonwood canyon roads are closed for avalanche control, you can still get up I-80 to Park City which has excellent Skiing as well. I'll be out there Jan 29- Feb 5 and can't wait. Will be in Tahoe 8-15 Jan and should be great as well. BTW, went to Vail 2 weeks ago and have been to Durango/Telluride before and although any day skiing is better than just about any other day, Colorado need not apply. In an average snow year Tahoe/Utah blows Colorado away and I'm from the east coast. I do go west at least twice a year however and this year it will be 4 times.
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I second the motion about staying at Extended Stay in either Sandy or Midvale.
I must warn you that skiing in the west will make you want to become an Ex-Bostonian, despite this years Sox Victory! {actually, there are many things that should make a SANE person become an Ex- Bostonian, but I digress!)}
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ah, you lot already know about Extended Stay America. I was pricing a trip to utah to do the PSIA academy in April, and these at Midvale and Sandy are just stunning value. Right on the skibus route, with internet access ports in the rooms, kitchens... unbeatable. And your choice of 4 excellent resorts just 2 bus rides away.

SLC is so user-friendly, they have the bus-thing all worked out. you can get discount lift tix for the cottonwood resorts at all sorts of places, and the skiing is stellar. I remember we were there during a not-good season, and it was excellent.
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Too funny! My two friends and I who are coming out on 29 Jan are staying at extended stay in Midvale!
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