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My wife (125 lbs, 5 ft 7, 4 stars 161) and I (165 lbs, 5 ft 11, 54 yrs old, 5 stars 168) , both experienced old style skiers. Had lessons the last two winters to make the switch to modern style, but somehow did not get it. Skied these for three days in Niseko, Japan. Previous skis: rental Dynastar Intuitives. Both of us felt the volkl skis were very fast. Our groomed skiing improved dramatically. We enjoyed the groomed like never before.

I have been watching grand slalom racers and was determined to get onto the rails of my skis. It took half a day to get used to the fact that the skis dug in and did not like to be forced off their lines. Next day got a lower stance, knees apart, hands forward. Great increase in speed, especially in long smooth turns. Ear to ear smiles. When I changed from one turn to the next, my inside ski tip carved into the next turn in a satisfying way. It was also a lot of fun to swing from edge to edge in smallish turns. Skis sprung from one edge to the other.

The skis managed moguls okay and off-piste, but with less fun. Actually you can skid them okay if you release the angles a little.

My wife loved the four stars. She found them easy to handle and fast.

These skis will teach you to carve if you meet them half-way.