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Book: The Athletic Skier

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Anyone have thoughts on this book? The Athletic Skier, by Warren Witherell and David Evrard.

I picked it up recently and have been reading it. I like it. It seems to go against some of the ideas I have read herein; but, it sure has some great ideas, too. And some nice exercises and progressions for those of us struggling to get better.

It's first printing was 1993, and the second edition (which I have) is dated 1998. The photos appear to be of older straight skis. But their emphasis on carving and "doing what is necessary to have fun" while striving to ski as an athlete is an attractive notion.

If anyone has comments, I would appreciate reading your thoughts!
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I adore this book. I think it's timeless. We have some older thread on the 10 qualities of Athletic Skiers.

BTW, I have an article coming out in Spring TPS entitled Conditioning the Athletic Skier.
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It's a classic, along with its predecessor, How the Racers Ski (1972, W W Norton & Co)
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Taste, Savor and Enjoy The Athletic Skier......

One of my absolute all-time favorates, I find "The Athletic Skier" a very inspiring text. One of the things I enjoy most in reading (and re-reading) it is the passion and joy for the sport and the exploration process of learning that projects from page after page. It is one of those rare books you can pick up, open to any page and instantly get something out of it.

And even though it predates shape skis, the concept of applying athleticism to skiing is clearly evident in looking at some of the tracks layed down on "pencil sticks". Check out the precision of the knife edge tracks David Evrard is laying down doing plyometric hop turns on pg 106, and his rolling one-footed edge-to-edge "snake" on pg 108.

I think anyone at any level can gleen valuable information and inspiring concepts from this book that are fully applicable to contemporary skiing. It is a wonderful evolution to the 1972 classic "How the Racers Ski" which was the first book I ever read on skiing and led me to learning to ski genuine pure carved turns while other books of the time touted them as being only a theoritical concept.
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