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Technology and Teaching

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I'm interested in hearing about how technology has influenced the profession of ski teaching from anyone that has experience with it. For instance, there are a few resorts that have started to use Dartfish, the video analysis software used during the Olympics that allows the technician to analyze, frame by frame, critical moments in time and compare them with other skiers. I've also heard of some unique uses of PDA's to keep track of private lessons. Has anyone used/heard of some interesting high tech applications on the hill or in indoor training sessions? Do you know anyone else that experience with high-tech training methods?
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One of my two instructors makes me write down notes during lunch. Since I always lose the darn paper, I'm thinking of using my palm pilot.
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Hello Allen,

I've been using video software similar to Dartfish at Whitetail in PA for 7 years. They are out of business now, but a company called V1 has similar software that is available for $39.
My resort began using PDAs this year for feeding lineup assignments directly into payroll. Right now, this is just a slick way of transferring data entry duties from an admin to the line up supervisors. Eventually, the paperwork for supervisors will be reduced/eliminated.
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Watch it Lisamarie, the palm pilot may end up in the same place as all those little pieces of paper.

I've used an electronic "tape" recorder to take notes on the hill and then download them to my computer for future reference.
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