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12V boot warmers?

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I CAN'T get my boots on when they are cold. The shells are too stiff, and my feet simply won't go in. This is fine most of the time as I have 110V boot warmer/dryers that I use when at a condo or whatever, and all of the euro ski-hotels I've been to have boot dryer racks. The problem is if I have to drive to the resort before skiing. I have almost lost a day of skiing to this. Does anyone know of a version that runs off a cars cigarette lighter? I could buy an inverter that plugs into the lighter and use my 110V warmers, but I wonder if that would toast something.
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You might want to pick up some of those charcoal activated hand or toe warmers. They cost like $1.50 for a pack of 2, and last all day.

I usually open up a pair about 40 minutes before I have to be in my boots, drop them into the toe area of my boots, let them do their nice little warming thing, pull them out...and when I put my boots on it is sweet!

Once they have done their job, pre-warming my boots, I drop them into my gloves, and am ready for the day. No cold hands or feet!

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I have the same prob...use the heater vents in your rig.Just before you get to the resort brake out the boots openem the best you can and tuck them under the floor vents,works great for me.
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i have used sometimes plasticbotles filled with hot water. or just packed my boots inside the car problem for me has been taking off the boots. when i have skied whole day in cold weather, it's really painfull to take those damn boots off. :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by epic:
This is fine most of the time as I have 110V boot warmer/dryers that I use when at a condo.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

get a 12VDC inverter and use your normal boot warmer in the car on the drive up.
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Simply keep your boots in the car on your way to the resort, this should solve your problem, once at the resort, try putting your boots on inside the resort, as getting them on in the lot can be a big hassle also! :
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I would have to agree with Charger. I used to have problems putting my boots on at the hill, but now I just put my boots right next to the heat vents in the car about 10-20 minutes before I arrive at the hill, then I don't turn off the car till I got my boots on.
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