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After skiing the Alps for many years I never got back into it once I moved to the beach. Figured US resorts were crowded and small. A week at Jackson Hole a few years ago changed all that and now I need new equipment. Most skiing will be Tahoe with a few trips to WY, MN, CO & NM (on Blues & Blacks with very very limited Tree/BC skiing).

I need help buying new gear. I'm 5'11" 175lbs and I'm not sure what level skier I am. I really have fun on all Blues and most Blacks. Far from expert, but I hold my own with most experienced skiers. I've never had a lesson and think I might get some instruction this year.

Current Gear: Fisher RC4 SL (205 I think) wearing Lange L10 (which I'll keep)

Demo Gear: Rossi B2 (around 175) -- Fun at Squaw with 10day old thanksgiving snow (mostly Blue+Black incl KT22), Kinda boring compared to Hot's. Maybe because they didn't make me work to hard. Moguls were kinda hard for me but I have no technique.
Scream Hots (around 175) -- Back to Squaw with now 18 day old hard packed snow. Did all the same runs and the Hot's were more lively and did better for me on KT22. Then I took them SugarBowl the following day and had loads of fun on the Hot's.

Considering: Metron M:8 .. know nothing about these.
Scream Hot: Lively fun .. the camero/stang of ski world?
Bandit B2: Maybe bring is good, means they are easy & good?
Stormrider AT: Too stiff?? Could they make my skills grow?

YOUR HELP would be appreciated:
1.) Has anyone experienced the Stormrider ATs? If so could above avg intermediate to advanced skier who's fairly aggresive handle these? I had a good time on the 205 racing skis.
2.) Is it better to get a ski to advanced for my level? or one at my Level?
3.) Short vs. Long .. some folks tell me to get the Storm At in 164 but I think a 175 is better suited for me. OR does it depend on the ski maker?
4.) I like the HOTs .. how does the Stoeckli compare?
5.) how different are the Stockli XL vs the AT? (like Hot vs XHot??).

Thanks. I'm ready to buy so help me with suggestions or make me an offer I can't refuse (read cheap may win over want).

Thanks, Drew