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Killington New Years Day

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I will be there. If interested in getting a run or two in, post here.
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Got up to the K1 chair..looked around, and left. Conditions looked like early April, problem is..it was January first.
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sorry to hear that. I was hoping you'd report that it was still cold up there.
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it was not early april, it s*****
took 1 run down from the top of iced skylark (only skypeak chair was open from bear)and went back to bear where our car was.the only way back was great eastern to bearly. bearly was the best trail
they had bear mountain roped off.
we did party a bit too hearty last night and did not go out til after 1:30

yesterday was awesome, tho
everywhere was great

they had to re-groom trails because of the cold.
should be better tomorrow
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My wife and I are headed to Killington later today (Sunday). PLEASE SNOW!
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