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Fattening up my east coast quiver.

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Hello Epic,

I wanted to ask a question or two about expanding my quiver. I am a midatlantic skier who usually gets 20 ski days per year. I am 5'10" and in the last 2 years my weight has flucuated between 180 and 195 #s. The reason I give a range on the weight is that I am fluctuating and have fluctuated in weight by up to 15lbs for the past 2 years. So I actualyl have no idea what I will eventualyl settle at. Thisdepends mostly on how much I am running and how much sleep I am getting. Currently after XMas I am balooned up to well lets gloss over that little detail...

I am also very proud to consider myself a level 7-8 skier . But I guess I should be by this point as I have skied since I was 11 years old. Thats 16 years or so. And I have the ski boots of Solomon Ellipse 9.0 which have been treating me very well this year.

My current ride is a pair of 168 Volkl 5*s of the 02-03 vintage along with some motion M10 bindings. The measurements are 111, 68, 99. This is my every day on-piste carver. Good for most conditions arround here: ice, groomed, hard pack, some bumps too. I can take it on steeps or on the cruisers. It is a joy to ski any where onpiste. I can tell I am using it right when I look at the wax worn off the inside edge of both skis from tip to tail after a hard day. This ski has really helpded me to improve my carving skills. I used to ski really soft skis but this has deffinatly helpd me get centered more.

Speaking of older soft skis. The lesser member of my quiver is a a pair of K2 181 Mod 7.8s in the back of the closet. These are soft flexing, damp, and forging. They are more of a cruising ski. Acceptable on Ice, and are damp so the chatter is reduced at higher speeds. They are pretty stable and fun to ski when our ice turns to crud. They are ok in moduls and trees. The funny thign is that the dimentions are 111,70,101. Almost the same as the 5*s. I have had fun with these in light powder and soft snow. However I know this is really not what I need in a more veratile east coast ski. So I am ready to sell these on ebay and buy something different and hopfully better.

It is time to go wider. But I am not convinced that I am ready for 90mm+ Fats. For more versatility I think that something arround 75-80mm under foot would fit the bill. I also do not want to go longer than 180CM. I am convinced that skis this long are not suited for my purposes. I want something that is acceptable in soft snow, bumps, crud and trees. It should be able to turn in a variety of shapes and be stable up to a reasonable speed, even in tougher snow. We get no pow here so thats not a consideration. Heavy wet snow is a possibility however...

The skis I like so far are the Fischer Big Stix 7.6, Rossi's B2, K2 Recon / XP, Dynastar 8000, Volkl 724 EXP, and the Atomic REX (I know its wider). I am going to a demo day on 1/5 so I will see what they have to demo. It is going to be raining that week and warm so it should be mashed potatoes and gravy. A perfect opportunity to test the crud skis. I doubt they will have any fatter skis there but I will try 'em if they do. I will be sking my Mod 7.8s tomorrow at whitetail to remind myself what they feel like so as to compare them to the demo day in similar conditions.

Any opinions or advice please give me some ideas of what to look for in a mid-fat, personal recomendations, advice, thoughts, comments etc... I would love to hear it. What are other east coasters sking in the trees?
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I was in a similar position earlier this season. I am 5'9" 180 lb. 55er who has been skiing only since I was 37. I started skiing when my children did.

I too ski the Five Stars in a 168 as my everyday ski. They are a great fun carving machine for use in all conditions. Every day I take them out I am amazed at how easy they are to ski and how much easier it is to ski more difficult terrain.

The only thing missing from my quiver was a wider floater capable of making turns on the front side, manuvering sweetly in the trees and sitting on top of the powder - great for the east and equally useful for my two trips west. For me, the Salomon Extra Hots in a 175 are that perfect ski. They are like 116-82-111 or so and are fun, fun, fun. Their sweet spot is quite a bit different that the 5-stars, but by the second day at Sugarloaf a few weeks ago my wish for a wider versatile fun ski came true. The Salomons are bashed quite a bit here at Epic, but for an easterner they do the trick.

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Thanks for the input. the XHots have been mentioned here as great skis by a number of people. I will have to see whats for demo next week at the ski center demo at liberty. My guess is that the fatter skis will be absent. I may also be able to givem a demo on a longer trip later in the month to QC.
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Made same move last year, went with Elan 662; 116, 76, 102.

I now use these everyday (unless icy then the narrow skis come out).
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tromano-I bought a pair of B2s for my western trips, which makes up a majority of my ski days. They suck on eastern ice & hardpack, but they are incredible out west in nearly all conditions. (They are tuned 1 & 1, so maybe changing to 1 & 2 will make a difference).

Anyway I really don't recommend the B2s for eastern conditions (outside of crud & powder which considering the year we are having, we may never see again)

IMO, the Hots & Ex Hots would not be too great either, they are pretty soft and my B2s held on Western hardpack much better.

I recommend that you include one of the Head mid fats, Monster IM 70 or 75, in your demo mix.
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try the new atomic metron b-5 in a 162cm great edge hold ,fun, and are great for out west as well as in the east,I just got off the 5star and currently on a new pair of 6 stars in a 168cm, the metron impressed ,also great is the soloman sc equipe 10 (165cm) amd the rossi sl oversize in a 165cm
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