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Headin' to Tahoe

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Oh the snow is coming. Heading to Tahow next week for three days.
Looks like Heaveny for at least one day, maybe two. Want to try some where else for at least one day. Like the looks of Alpine Meadows, but Squaw has the historic appeal but may be too tough.
I'm only a level 6, good blue runs and maybe some easy blacks. Any suggestions?
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When are you going?

The weather report for Truckee predicts no less than 6-10" a day each of the next few days. That's right, by the time this storm is done, they will have received about 5' of new snow.

My wife is a level 5-6 and loves Alpine. You might like Northstar or Mt. Rose. If you're at S. Lake Tahoe, you might run out to Kirkwood, which is going to have the most new snow (the storms cycle from the south).

Heavenly is OK for a day, especially if you're cruising the Nevada side. Don't bother with the California side - start & finish from the Boulder or Stagecoach base in Nevada.

I'm a Squaw guy, but I'll admit it's not the most protected in a storm, nor is it the best for blue cruisers. If you're going in the next few days, the other options would be better - for you.
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If you have a 4wd...

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i'm a level 6 also and have only skied around 50 days in my long 5 year ski career and i would suggest either squaw or alpine meadows, they are both worth the drive. mt.rose, north star + sierra@tahoe do not compare.
you can ski a lot of squaw as a 6 and get a good feel for it. i was limited as a 5, but all over the place last year as a 6.
to ski the good stuff everyone raves about at kirkwood, you probably want to be a 7.
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Have fun. We're scheming to head out in Jan but schedule may prevent it.
Cheapest 1 day lift tix I can find for squaw are $57 at bobo's mogul mouse. There's also a $5 card that gets you midweek discounts (order it online first) and your 5th day'd be free. Post here if you find something better ---
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Kirkwood is reporting 4 feet ,Heavenly at least 3 feet.
Looking at noaa.gov( weather service) this still is sitting over the Tahoe area for a couple of days.
ROads are not good. Donner
is req snow tires,chains, 4 wheel drive.
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Pick up Tahoe-area discount tix at the Reno REI store; more info here:

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Thanks to all.
I got 4WD.
Looks like Alpine Meadows.
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Today Kirkwood is reporting close to 9 FEET!!!Heavenly 6 FEET!!. There was that much in my parking lot at the house, my explorer was buried when i went outside this am.
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Yeah, sounds AMAZING!!
Hope the roads open in time for the weekend, though. Right now it looks like hit or miss.
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Im set for Wed. Looks like snow may continue through the week but I bet they get roads open for the week.
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