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Evaluate Technique Please

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OK pros here’s a series of photos taken last week on Shireen at Snowbird. Any tips, constructive criticism, or harsh critiques would be appreciated. I’m a big boy I can handle it.

The area is just to the right as you ride up Little Cloud Lift. The run is about 30 degrees with small to moderate rhythmic bumps in firm but carveable 10 day old snow. This was my second day on skis this year and I’m on a pair of K2 Axis X 181cm.

Sorry for the heavily cropped and enlarged images. Photos appear in the sequence they were taken.





Problems viewing let me know. Why can't I get the image to appear in the thread? :

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Photos are difficult, because you are not seeing action. That being said, you appear to be in balance. I could guess that your leg action could be a bit more dynamic. Soften you knees a bit. Your tips are lifting a bit. Are you pushing your tails? Your focus seems to be straight down at the snow. I find that looking ahead to where I want to go is helpful. In the 4th photo, there seems to be some torso rotation. Otherwise, it looks good.
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Imagestation won't let you view unless you are a "member".
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Biglines is the way to go!
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What are those hands/arms doing?
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Originally Posted by disski
What are those hands/arms doing?
I'm not holding the lunch tray am I?

Thanks for the tips.
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I love the stance and balance, it looks so natural. hand is coming back, which tends to happen in bumps but you want to drive them forward, that'll help a LOT. That'll keep the upper body up and over the feet, and going with them. That hand staying back is going to twist the upper body a bit through the last bit of the turn and will adversly affect overall performance in bumps.
that's all I can see. Don't change that stance, it looks like you are having a ball, I wish I balanced like that!
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How long are those poles? They look too long.
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Originally Posted by Dark Horse
How long are those poles? They look too long.
They are 52 inches. I'm 6' and they are sized right for the set-up I was in and that day's skiing conditions. I use them mainly on groomers and in the steeps. You may be right about them being too long in the bumps. I also have a pair of 50 inch poles that I use in powder and soft off-piste. I find that they do work better for the bumps than the longer poles. But, since I don't stay in the bumps all day long like I used to, I tend to bring the long poles on non powder days.

Thanks for the tips Ant.
I do have a problem with my hands/arms staying put far too long after the pole plant. As crazy as it sounds, I picked up this bad habbit when I swtched to shaped skis. I guess I've gotten lazy. For some reason though, this happens more with my dominant right hand than it does the left. I can feel it happening. One of the best tips I ever received regarding hand position was the old "hold 'em like a lunch tray" line. I need to remember that.
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Cornbread - I find it easiest to be "good" with poles & hands when I remember to keep the pole tips moving..... if one plants the other should start to swing..... somehow this makes me "leave" the other I have planted better (maybe I change my focus - I have no idea - it just seems to work)
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