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It's raining...

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This is absolutely rediculous, it has been raining for a good two hours now (i'm in Aspen), the skiing has just officially gone from bad to worse.
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Raining here, too.

But with an upside.


A Happy New Year indeed.
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Z- rain in Aspen???? did I get that wrong? I hope I did.....
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nope, you didn't get it wrong...its raining at 8000 feet. turning to snow at about 9000.
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Yuck, sorry to hear. if it makes you feel any better, here in Jersey, it will be in near 60 this weekend. Too hot to ski, I'm going shooting!
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Raining in Aspen? In December? What is the world coming to? :
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I was at Alta once in January, when it rained for three days, then the temperature dropped to zero. You think you have seen ice?

If you wanted rain, you would have gone to the Cascades, right?
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50-60 in boston this weekend - rain up north

sorry to hear about that rain man.
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That's why I am going to Jay.

It's as far North as I can get and hopefully the colder temps will stay through he weekend.
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yup might be hitting the loaf this weekend - looks like they might (knock on wood) get all snow --pleasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ps. z - sorry for hijacking the thread man - we easterners feel your pain!
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Sorry to hear that. But had you travled farther west...Yeah Baby!!!!!


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Originally Posted by crudmeister
If you wanted rain, you would have gone to the Cascades, right?
Actually it's snowing here, finally.
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ZG: Did you actually go out. Skiing was good all day.
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Aspen 5AM report, 12" new and still dumping.
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i'm on my way out right now shredyeah...yaya.
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