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Do I bring my carving skis west?

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I usually ski in the east with one trip a year out west. This year I finally bought skis so I wouldn't have to deal with the hassle and garbage you get with the rentals. I'll be in SLC in two weeks for 4-5 days and am wondering if I should bother bringing my omecarve 9's. The last time I was there it hadn't snowed in a week and everything was mostly groomed anyway. My lack of experience in powder has given me little competency there - somethig I would like to improve. But I don't want to rent garbage or spend a lot on high-end rentals. So, my question is, do I bring 'em or not.

Also, I have a similar question regarding my wife, except in her case her skis are 6 years old and not much better than a rental anyway.
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Bring your skis along and most days you'll be fine. If you get a big dump, then you rent.
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With the year utah is having a carving ski wont be much fun out there - I would say rent - but even better you should think of investing in an all mountain ski like a volkl 724 or atomic metron - these skis are wide enough for powder and will still rip eastern hardpack - plus they will provide plenty of opportunity to learn to ski powder...but if thats not an option you should save yourself the travel hassel and just rent an nice wide waisted ski in SLC.

As far as your wife she would be better off renting also and maybe demoing some skis.

ohhhh- of course make sure to bring your own boots -
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Bring your skis. You bought them this year, you might as well use them this year. There is no reason you can't have a ball with a ski as good as the Omecarve 9, especially if you decide to take a powder lesson or two. If you get a chance to demo a true freeride ski like the Volkl Gotama or Dynastar Legend 8800/Pro for an afternoon, all so much the better.

There was a time recently when most people skied deep condition in pencil skis. The Omecarve might be a bit tougher in waist high powder, but you'll manage. Besides, the Volkl 724 isn't meant for those conditions anyway and won't carve as well on the groomed (which is everywhere in SLC).

I certainly wouldn't buy a powder ski if you only go out west one week a year. Personally, I don't even like the current popular mid-fats (70-74mm, like the Volkl 724) for most East Coast skiers.
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Ship em'. Avoid the hassles.
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Bring 'em. Unless you're really really lucky you'll be skiing on hardpack mostly anyway.
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it's dumping, no end in sight... freshies all morning. Bring the skis....
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Bring the carvers. It is a myth that the west always has powder and soft snow. A lot of time the snow is packed especially in the Colorado front range. I have Atomic SX11 and Head iXRCs that I use about half the time when it is not soft enough for my wider skis here in Colorado. It is dumping right now though, I think I'll use my Axis XPs, or should I try my new Dynastar 8000s, or maybe my Axis Xs for the bumps. Maybe I'll take them all.
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Take your skis. As for the question about your wife, take her too.
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I'm out in Utah right now and we've been dumped on with more to come in a day or two. Bring your skis and ski them on the groomers of Deer Valley or the Canyons. Then demo some wider babies for places like Alta or the Bird. And remember either way it will be great!!!
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Believe me, I'm looking forward.
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Originally Posted by pheft
Take your skis. As for the question about your wife, take her too.
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