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Death at Sunday River

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Thread Starter today has this story about a skier who died at Sunday River a few days ago - he got into the woods off White Heat and apparently collided with something.

Sad. No details about what happened yet. They do have "no-fall zone" and "experts only" signs there.
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What's all the more sad about it is that the event has received no press here in central Maine that I have seen. I didn't learn of it until I saw the post by Scalce yesterday.

I'd bet that there is a better chance of losing one's life driving to and from any particular mountain, but maybe it's the element of risk that is partially responsible for bringing us back to the slopes time after time. Certainly there are safer activities that one can engage in, but it's hard to beat the thrill of the sport we love, no?
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I was at SR that morning (Christmas) and in fact I had ridden the chair over White Heat about 15 mins before the accident because I wanted to ski it. All of the trails there had been fairly icy the day before due to the rain and freezing temps on Thursday night, and White Heat didn't look too good to me on Sat. morning, so I said no thanks and went down a different way. The next lift I got on, I was riding with a patrol guy who was listening to a report about the accident, as it had just happened, and he told me it sounded like the guy wasn't going to make it.

I hate to sound harsh, but sometimes it is all about exercising good judgment. There is a lift that goes right over that trail and anybody can look at it and judge the conditions and see if it is something you want to ski. To me there's no shame in saying, I'd rather save it for another day. THe next day, they were blowing snow all over that trail and it was awesome.
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Very mysterious death at Sunday River!

Here's some updated info:

One thing, the guy was wearing a helmet, which just goes to show you that a helmet cannot protect a fool's head, if indeed it turns out the guy was out of control.
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That article is prerty vague which makes me think that he may have had a heart attack or stroke. They say he didn't go off the trail yet he didn't strike a support tower.

A helmet is still good for deflecting smaller trees, branches, the occasional support bar bang, and whacking your head on ice.
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I read it that he DID hit a support tower, and that will make your day go real bad in a hurry.
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There's plenty of soft bits that a helmet doesn't cover, too. And helmets are only good up to a certain force of bang.
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A sad note. At least he was doing something he enjoyed.
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