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the last 2 posts are just plain hysterically funny....
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I find it very interesting that almost everyone here understands what HH thinks and how he develops the different movements in skiing for his system. I have yet to hear from Mr. Harb about any of these topics. I know he doesn’t come to Epic, but there is a forum where he answers almost all questions. I bring this up because it is possible that interpretation of HH could lead to misconceptions and misrepresentation.

On the topic of the thread, when I experienced training with HH and PMTS examiners, I found that Harald has methods by which he introduces the movements needed for racers in all situations based on PMTS. He just has not written about racing per say, yet. I have a hard time believing that he doesn’t have tactics for every situation in racing?

I also believe his teaching system avoids skidding, steering and rotary movements because he sees this is the problem in the skiing population. He has developed a teaching system, PMTS, where the problems he sees in TTS instruction, from skiers taught by TTS, do not develop.

I watched the Olympics and I saw the following in slalom, I select slalom as the example because it is where HH hangs his hat when he compares PMTS to racing technique. He says it is the closest event to free skiing in speed and turn radius.

I saw WC skiers flexing to release the outside ski, lifting the old outside (stance) ski and tipping it while it was lifted. I saw this from almost every skier, based on the few shown on TV. I think these are the fundamentals of PMTS, even if HH has not written about racing in Book 1 & 2.
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I just got back from the FIS portion of the Lutsen Spring Series. I agree, in slalom all the elements Harald talked about when I skied with him this year are present in the top skiers (Martin Krosenleiter, Tom Rothrock, the Aussie, Wall, Francesco Ghedina and several Swedes from the national team) all demonstrated the flexing of the downhill leg, bringing it over to the new "stance foot" and tipping. When I asked Harald about the "pivoting" I was seeing in WC slalom he asked, "is it result or intent?" After lots of video review, and trying it myself, I'd say it's result. (I'm even more convinced after seeing it up close while dodgeing those guys as I was doing course work)
Harald didn't dream this stuff up, he observed it and is trying to find a way to teach it. (like all coaches) Scott Wilson, a mentor of mine and aquaintence of Harald's, told me that, 25 years ago. "We don't figure out technique". "We identify it and figure out a way to teach it".
As for the "rotary" thing, Harald defines it as "twisting the ski with your foot", not the way it's defined in PSIA. He recognizes that there is "internal rotary" involved in tipping moves.
I did my PSIA ed credit two weeks ago. We worked on White Pass turns with extension and wider stance with 50/50 weight distribution (and everthing on either side). It certainly didn't feel as good as the turns I was working on after I skied with Harald but those are "Stepping Stones" just like Haralds moves are. (Stepping Stones can be anything to get you to a goal) I noticed that all of the PSIA guys had an "up" move in transition while none of the WC skiers did. (intentionally anyway)
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Am I the only one who finds it odd that all that's necessary to restart a thread that's been dead for 15 months is:

haha he is a scared weird muppet...
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As opposed to the "Gaper sightings" thread which goes on, on, breaks for a while and then resumes?:

As the man said in song 'let it be'
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