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Right heel loose

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When I purchased my boots (Salomon Performa 6) everything fitted fine except for my right heel. It didn't feel as snug as the left. The guy in the store put a shim in the liner heel and added a pad to the outside of the liner ankle. This made it feel as snug as the left.

After 8 full days the right heel has started to become loose to the point that when going over large bumps at the end of the day, I feel the boot drop at the heel. Tightening the top buckle more helps a bit (I can always tighten more at then end of the day - is this normal ?). Everything else fits perfectly. The left foot is still very tight yet comfortable.

Can this be rectified by more padding or is more drastic action required ?
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It's normal for boot liners to pack out a bit. It also is not unusual for one foot to be slightly different in size than the other or to have little annomolies in foot structure, such as bone spurs etc. I have a right foot that is not quite .5 mondo size smaller than my left. My boot fitter inserted some tongue pads on my right boot that solved my problem. You may want to go to a thicker sock on your right foot and or have the shop add a thicker pad.
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