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redrilling your skis

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does redrilling your skis for different bindings hurt your skis??? I have a pair of atomic 9.22s

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Remounting your skis shouldn't be an issue, as long as there is a reasonable (as determined by your local shop) distance between the old and new screws. I've seen skis that have been drilled so many times they resembled a piece of swiss cheese. Any decent shop will tell you if it looks like the holes will be too close.

Pray for snow!
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A good general rule is keep the holes separated by 3 diameters of the hole. Binding screws are about 4mm, so don't drill closer than 12mm, or 1/2 inch.
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We remount a max of three times as per several manufacture suggestions
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I was looking at used crud skis and found one that looks like a bargain, but I would prefer to put a Marker Piston 1200 on them if I buy them. How would I know beforehand if the skis could be remounted with the Markers? Is it a matter of the different binding's screw patterns or a need to positiont he new bindings forewards or backwards on the skis? Also, does anyone know the brake width for Marker Piston bindings? Thans for your advice.
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It is both the previous bindings' screw mounting pattern..and where the screw holes are in relation to where you want to mount your new bindings.Make sure you keep in mind where you intend..or have to place the boot on the ski..AND where the toe pieces mount(seperate toe/heel)and adjustment for boot sole length.
I don't know of any standard(s) or comparative ways.Or even any information.

You simply have to either place the bindings..or a template..or a jig..on the skis where the boot goes..in the right position..and for the right boot sole length.

And see where the new holes have to go..and if they'll conflict.

Skiers have gotten dirt cheap skis and beaten this problem with demo bindings..or plates/risers.
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