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Whats up with rental cars

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I'm coming to Copper Mountain for Spring Break. Condo is already taken care of. I've been watching for cheap plane tickets into Denver and have found a few good deals. The problem is the rental car. Last spring break I rented a SUV for a week for slightly over $400. This year, every quote I find is in the $650 range for standard SUV (blazer, cherokee, dakota). Why the increase? Is anyone aware of any good deals. March 19-25, 2005
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check out...

The best deal I got was $255 (with taxes) for a standard size suv with either thrifty or dollar. I got it throught expedia. Mine is for April 3rd through the 10th.
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Keep checking with something like orbitz as the rates change almost daily. I booked an SUV for january 7-14 for $190 with taxes from Alamo with a coupon that saved me about $25. The next day it went up about $30. You are looking for something in peak season so the laws of supply and demand will determine the rental rate. In January the cars are sitting idle so they push them out the door with lower rates. Lock into something and keep checking for something lower. You have lots of time before March.
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There are a couple of ways to beat the prices at DIA, as others have said the taxes and surcharges are very high at DIA.

The Doubletree on Quebec has rental counters. They have a free shuttle that runs from the airport fairly frequently.

Rent from Enterprise on E Colfax, you will need to take a taxi though so factor that in the price.
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Have you considered just getting a full-size car and throwing a ski rack on it? Since Copper's right off the interstate and the they keep the freeway well plowed, I don't see any reason why you'd need an SUV.
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Originally Posted by rquick
Have you considered just getting a full-size car and throwing a ski rack on it? Since Copper's right off the interstate and the they keep the freeway well plowed, I don't see any reason why you'd need an SUV.
Heh heh. Approach to the Eisenhower tunnel in a snowstorm. Only so much plowing you can do at 11,000 feet when it's dumping.
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Isn 't that a spring break week? If you're definitely going and you could book through websites like hotwire.com. The prices are uisually really good (I priced out your SUV with taxes at 426.96), but the drawbacks are you don't know which rental company it is until you book and pay for it, you have to pay for it up front (non-refundable), and you cannot change the reservation.

If I were you, I would book with the company of your choice so at least you'll have a car (you can cancel without penalty within 24 hours for most companies). Keep looking for good deals or coupons (do you have AAA or some other type of roadside assistance) and if you still don't find anything by the time you are about to leave, then you could check out hotwire or something to see if it's worth the risk.

Good luck
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Like xrisi421 suggested. Book through Orbitz to make sure you have a vehicle reserved then keep looking around for deals. You can cancel with Orbitz right up untill the last minute so you are covered if something better turns up. Not so easy to get an off-airport rental at DIA as the airport is a long way out and the taxi fares/inconvenience for returning the car negate the savings. Off-airport does work out well in other places though such as Vancouver.
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are you planning to travel to different reorts, if not and you are traveling with 4 or less, i would just go with resort express or something like it...the negative is that you don't have a grocery stop and there is no grocery at the copper resort.
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Also if you are under 25 they may charge you more.
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Rental cars in Colorado

I'm going to be in Colorado the same week so I have the same dilemma. Generally Alamo has deals on SUVs in Colorado but the number of vehicles is limited. The current deal on their website is $209/week and it expires on 2/8. In past years similar deals have been extended close to the expiration of the current one so they actually run through the winter (check about 2/1 and frequently thereafter). If you're experienced driving in snow, you really can get by with any front wheel drive car. All the main roads are kept pretty clear, even during storms. I drove a 4-cylinder front wheel drive car into the mountains weekly for 2 years when I lived Denver and never had a problem, but I have a lot of experience driving in snow (I'm from Minnesota). An SUV is a lot more fun but not essential! I agree that you should reserve a car now so you have one, but check all rental companies frequently up to the day you leave for better rates. You can always cancel the higher one.
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better rental car rates for March

Alamo just extended it's discounted weekly rate into March, even though their website still says that rate expires tomorrow, 2/15. I just reserved an SUV for a week in Colorado starting on 3/18 at the rate of $219/week. Go to the 'hot deals' tab and click on the one that's labeled 'weekly car rentals starting at 129/week' and it will bring up the right code. I've been checking all the rental companies for weeks and this is by far the best rate. Last week the rate was $600 and up for the same dates!
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