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Yet another shaped ski question...

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I have been lurking here for a bit, nice forum, It has been awhile since I used to ski, and it was on straight cut skis. I picked up a set of shaped skis to hammer out for when I get back up north, but have always wondered, does their shape hinder their ability to hocky stop/slide to a stop or are they going to toss me off like a pair or rollerblades when you mess up..haha
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Let me first say Welcome to Epic Ski. You can ski the shape skis like the straight skis,
BUT,I have noticed that you cannot let the shape skis run straight like the old ones. They will hook an edge on you pretty damn fast. Please take a lesson when you go skiing again. It will take a lot of grief out of your life.
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To answer your question, yes, you can still hockey stop/slide with shaped skis. If you get a shorter length ski, it is even easier to do.

As noted, they don't track well in a straight line, but in general they track beautifully in a carve.
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Well that is kind of dissapointing in some aspects, because I kind of enjoyed just going straight down the mountain as fast as I could, not as much skill required, but it was fun. I will take lessons for sure, The skis I picked up a set of SX:11s in 180 since everyone that I have heard that tried them love it and I got a pretty good deal on them, so I expect to bust my ass alot but I don't care, I am that kind of person, to start running before I walk, lately not too well I might add..ha! For just blazing down the hardpack fast, would i be better off with a GS ski then??
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You sure made your comeback ski a ripper!!! SX11 in 180, whoa, you got yourself a high power GS ski in that skicross ski. In that length it will be especially demanding, but if you have the power to work it you will be rewarded with mucho speed.

Good luck and enjoy!!
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Wahoo! SX=11's in 180! Those'll be kickass for sure. Just take care that it's not your ass they end up kickin'! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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...so they'll be pretty quick if I can stay on them...neat, thanks guys for the advice and words, I appreciate it, if all goes well in a few months I should be in either montana or Wyoming for the next 4 years, I find out friday. Just out of curiosity, how would they ski compared to a dedicated GS ski, like the GS:11?
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I've got the SX11s in 170 and they fly! They are extremely stable skis and I often just let them run straight down runs without any problems (except on ice though where they can track along grooves if they are not on edge). If the snow's OK, just point and hang on - you'll be fine. I haven't found them particularly unforgiving either but you can always tell that they want some aggression and speed to perform properly. Some people get into trouble on these because the skis prefer to carve accelerating medium to long turns, rather than tamer short turns, and so you can find yourself going quicker than normal in a very short time. That's the fun bit

When you get them tuned, I suggest you keep them at the factory settings of 1 base and 3 side. One shop last year tuned my edges with a 2 edge and I could notice the difference on the ice (where previously they were excellent).

It's great to see the forum back up. I'm getting ready for the Australian opener (if there's any snow) and then New Zealand in July/August.


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Maching straight down with those skies isn't an issue as long as your are powerfull enough to keep them pointed. However, they are designed to be on edge, so engage those just a bit and they run like being on rails.
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