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Newb needs tuning instructions

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I'd like to save some money by doing my own tuning, and I have a bunch of old skis to practice on, but I'd like to start by doing some reading first. I have a good idea of what tools to start with, anyone have any suggestions on books, manuals, etc?
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Originally Posted by John J
Yes, that was one of the tools I already had in mind. Got anything else?
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Originally Posted by Impalabuilder
Yes, that was one of the tools I already had in mind. Got anything else?

Do a search as we have had numerous requests exactly like yours within the past few weeks.
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Get the Swix Alpine wax manual. Get a catalog of supplies from Tognar Toolworks: www.tognar.com.
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Thanks guys. I just ordered the Swix manual a few days ago. I did do a bunch of searches, it's just that I didn't know where to start. I have a Race werks manual, and there's a bevel tool in there that had me starting to ask more questions...I'll check out Tognar right now. Sorry, I didn't mean to start a new thread.
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Impalabuilder- Might try my web site then top right hand side click on Bob's ski page. Then print my instructions on how to wax and tune your skis. There are many procedures around, all very good. This article I wrote is a culmination of Toko's wax and tune clinic I attended and some tips from some in racing.

This article is a very good start. I've used this procedure for many skiers and boarders with A-one compliments as to the results.

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Dipstik- Impressive. Well done. Will speak to you more on this stuff. Would like to trade ideas. Wife's ringing the din-din bell. Back later. Don't want to get in trouble, right?
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Check out ski-racing.com. Very helpful, good videos, and guides. If you call, the guy that owns the place will pack your brain full of tuning info.
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