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Deflex question...and a binding pull-out problem

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As I am getting ready for the upcoming season and digging out my gear I am painfully reminded on how last season ended...My Marker MRR rear completely pulled out of my ski, end of season. Anyways, is there any way to use the same hole again or will I have to get them remounted using different holes? (I need some good advice before I bring them to a shop I've never been to and get screwed..) This is good advice for anyone mounting skis up at home too! Don't do it!!

And next, Deflex. I need to get it on my 'new' Merlins. I know it is held on with some kind of adhesive and I need to know where to get some. I am in a different area now, and the shops down here won't even touch a damn deflex plate! That's another story but I think if I can get the materials they will mount them up for me...just got to saw the plate off those old Fischers...
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Ok a few questions to start, did you mount your bindings yourself??? if so you may have mounted them in an incorrect position, it's really hard to line em up exactly w/o a template or seriously labor intensive measurements.
To answer the question YES it is possible to fix a stripped hole, but only if it is only stripped, to do so you need to line up a jig to the correct hole pattern and then use a coring tool to create a large enough hole to insert a threaded plug, this will fix a sripped hole. if when the bindings ripped out, they took a bit more from the top sheet then you may run into some other problems.

As for the Deflex plate, just find a shop with experiance, don't messs with it. It takes a special jig and is kinda a pain.
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Those inserts Spyder spoke of really do the trick. They are plastic, but htey hold hundreds of pounds of pressure!
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The most common ones are called "helicoils".

Tom / PM
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Thanks for the replies...
I did mount the bindings myself (dumb). So what I am gathering is that my measurements are probably off by at least a little bit and the helicoil may help this time...but later who knows. Honestly I am now worried about one of the other holes stripping as well. I think I may just have them pulled and totally remounted professionally. Sound like a good idea?
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That's a fine mess you're in, Ollie. Why don't you call the folks who sold you the Deflex? Or try www.Artechski.com. At one time Salomon owned Deflex, would a shop that mounts Salomon be helpful? Find some other racerheads and ask where they go for service. Put your drillbits away and let a good shop do the repair. Goodluck!
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To remount the D-flex (or Derby), use adhesive designed for flush mount automobile windsheilds. If you damage the rubber strips when you pull it off an old pair of skis, the rubber for those same windshields work.

For the stripped screws, use helicoils. A reputable ski shop should have a kit designed for skis. You will need to increase the hole for the helicoil, and then tap it so the threads are cut properly. Use wood glue in the hole, and then screw the helicoil in with the appropriate tool. Mount the binding as usual.

The number one reason for screws pulling out is that a drill bit for metal top sheet was used on a non metal top sheeted ski. The difference in diameter is enough to not give enough hold.
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Another product you can use to remount Deflex plates is a DAP product called asphalt driveway sealer. This is very similar to the product Betaracer recommended. Actually, you can also buy remounting adhesive strips from Deflex (Salomon), but it is pretty expensive.
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