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Park City report

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Went to Park City w/a family of five 12/17 - 12/24.

Lodging: Stayed in Marriott Mountainside 2 bdrm condo--ski in/out. This place was great! Convenient to everything--which is important when you have 3 kids to get to ski school, rentals, etc. I rented from an owner and paid only $2,400. It costs significantly more if you rent from Marriott (around $4,500).

- Skied at PCMR all 6 days. I thought the mountain was great. Relatively easy to move around. Very few lift lines (the longest lift line we waited in was about 4 mins at Silverlode).
- Snow was great IMO, but one of the locals I spoke to rated it a, "5 out of 10." Did I mention I'm from Virginia
- Just about everything was open except some of the stuff under KingCon, the runs back to the Town Lift/Bridge, and some of the runs under the Ski Team lift.
- I thought the runs were overrated. Some of the groomed blacks (e.g., Prospector, Lost Prospector, Dynamite, etc.) were not unlike some blues I've done before. I'm an intermediate, so I didn't get up the nerve to hit the bowls.
- The stuff under Silverlode was fun, but it attracted a lot of skiers. The KingCon runs were mostly open, but the snow wasn't very good. The blues under McConkey's and Pioneer were good and uncrowded. Keystone, under Thanes, was probably my favorite b/c there was noone on it and the snow was good.
- Very good learning terrain near the base for my 4 year old.
- No good entry level bumps--it was either groomers or serious bumps--too bad b/c I wanted to try the bumps.

High points: good snow, good mountain, little/no lift lines. Little Groomers ski school/daycare for 4 year old was very good. Rentals at Breeze/Max near Payday was good.

Low points: got pretty cold at end of week, but the cold also brought some snow . We didn't rent a car b/c we were right at the base and there was a free shuttle. If I had to do it over again, I would just rent a car so I could explore some more. Restaurants at PCMR in evening were few and not very good. Main Steet Pizza & Noodle had good food, but was too crowded and had poor service.
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glad you had a good time Here. Next time take a day and ski Deer Valley and another for the Canyons. It is well worth the effort to at least ski Deer Valley. Yes conditions could be better after all it is still early season. plus the runs such as Lost prospector and Dynamite are normally not groomed. IMHO they take an easy black and turn it into a semi steep blue. For early season. By the way we are getting a new front moving in tonight. they say in the next few days we should have 2 to 3 foot of new snow. I better get back to work so i can take some time off on Wens and Thurs to ski.
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can you give me the contact info for the owner. I would like to rent the same for my family.

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Sounds like a good time.

Def. rent a car next time, they're super cheap out of SLC Int'l. Makes a trip up to Alta an easy option.

Wanna be sick? My wife and I had a 1BR at the Mtnside. last Thanksgiving. $249, for the week. :
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I could give you the contact for Marriott Mountainside, but its a timeshare, so he only has it for "week 51" (i.e., the week before Xmas).

The best way to find rentals at MM is to go to: and
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Good review. I was in Park City almost the same time as you (Dec 18-25). I rented an SUV (really didn't need it) and stayed at the Radisson Park City.

Day 1 - Park City Mountain Resort (Dec 19)

My first day of ski day of the year. Skied most of the blues except for some the blues under the King Con lift. It was cold in the morning (8:30 am) and really warm in the afternoon. Favorite run - Parley's Park.

Day 2 - Canyons (Dec 20)
My son really loved the canyons. Covering 8 peaks and 3500 acres of terrain, it was too much for us to cover in one day. Lots of very long challenging trails. Favorite run - Sidewinder. The only problem I had with the Canyons was the lack of bathrooms. When we were over by the Dreamscape/Day Break chairs and we had to ski half an hour to get to a bathroom.

Day 3 - Solitude (Dec 21)
Solitude helped me with my fear of steeps. I'm not cured but I'm better for the experience. While not a big resort, it had plenty of intermediate trails that were challenging. We never saw a line at any of the lifts and the lodges were not overcrowded at lunch time. Favorite run - Dynamite. Least favorite run - Sol/Brighton.

Day 4 - Canyons (Dec 22)
My son couldn't wait to get back to the Canyons. We covered all of the blues we missed on our first trip and skied a couple of easier black runs. Still my son's favorite of the three.

Day 5 - Rest (Dec 23)

Day 6 - Park City Mountain Resort (Dec 24)
Last day, we covered all of the blues we missed on our first trip. Only run I didn't care for was over by the Town Lift. It got icy in the afternoon and some of the locals surprised me when I encountered them on sleds in the middle of the run.

The Radisson was OK with only a few problems. The breakfast buffet was very good. In addition to the buffet, they also served custom Omelettes and waffles. I had problems with the wireless internet service and because I seemed to know more about the network problems, they asked me to contact the service provider to resolve the problems. At first I was a little put off with the hotel management asking me to resolve their problems (and charging me for the privilege) but I got over it. The hotel will store your skis, but they don't do boots. So if you're expecting dry boots every morning, bring a boot dryer. The hotel had two hot tubs. One hot tub was outside next to the front driveway and one inside next to the pool.

Resturants we liked

River Horse - very good food and expensive. For the two of us with two glasss of wine $138.00 Still it was the best meal I had all week.

Wasatch Brewery - good food and good service. Need to get there early if you don't want to wait for a table.

Resturants we didn't like:

The Eating Establishment - Bad food and worse service. Somehow we wound up eating here twice and both times we regreted it. The only redeeming characteristic - no waiting for a table.
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Probly the best entry level bumps in the entire Park City area,
are located at deer Valley,
Under the Northside Express you will find Lost Boulder.
Not a bump skier myself, this run caters to all levels of skiers. it's not that long of a bump run, and there are plenty of places to bail out if you so desire.

In my 15 years working at DV i saw all age groups, and levels on this run, and every one was enjoying it.
To get to it is easy. At the top ski under the lift line, then veer somewhat left, 3/4 of the way down, you cant miss them. It's groomed from the top of the lift, to the point they turn into bumps. You can take them, or veer right stay on the groomed to the lift.

As for resturants, Wonder what happened to the Eating Estb.? They used to be a great place to eat.
You forgot the resturants at Deer Valley, or Stein Erickson's Lodge. Now theres a feast
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Originally Posted by tahoetr
You forgot the resturants at Deer Valley, or Stein Erickson's Lodge. Now theres a feast
I really wished I got to ski at Deer Valley on this trip. Unfortunately my son is a snowboarder. I started him out on skis, but he insisted on snowboarding.
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Don't worry, It's just a phase, he will grow out of it.
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BTW, I'm going back to UT mid-March. I'm staying right near the Snow Park Lodge in Deer Valley. So, I'll definately try those bumps on Lost Boulder.

Thanks for the tip.

I'm also renting a car. Maybe I'll try the Canyons, too.
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