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Snowbasin? Where to stay?

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I'm going back out to UT in late March. I'm seriously thinking about hitting Snowbasin. Looks like a great mountain w/no crowds, but it looks like you have to stay in Ogden and drive 20 mins every day.

Can anyone recommend a decent place to stay near Snowbasin for a family of five (2 adults, 3 kids)?
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Snowbasin is a great mountain with no crowds, but you're taking a big gamble by hitting it in late March. It has a very low base elevation and there's a good chance you'll run into dodgy conditions. If I were you, I'd grab a place in downtown SLC and keep your options open. Snowbasin is an easy 45 minute drive from downtown SLC and you can hit all the other resorts within 30 minutes if their conditions are better. In late March, crowds should not be an issue at any of the resorts.
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Thanks for the advice. I think I need to be closer the the skiing than SLC b/c of the logistics of 3 kids. Maybe I'll just stay in PC and hit PCMR, DV, and/or The Canyons.
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There are a few places in the Ogden Valley, Wolf Creek resorts is across the Valley near Powder Mountain also in Eden Ut is the Red Moose Inn. Looks nice Then I think Lake Side Condos or Lake View? not sure what the name is? They would be the closest to Snowbasin. You may find conditions iffy in late March, then again it could be excellent spring skiing. Last year we had a march melt down. a couple of years ago we had one of the best storms that kept the Powder coming day after day.
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At the base of the mountain, maybe 3 or 4 miles from Snowbasin, is Huntsville. There are a couple of very nice B&B there. It is a 3 or 4 lane road up to the base that was built for the Olympics. They have a restaurant on premisis. We stayed at the Jackson Fork Inn, a converted barn. Not luxurious but Very quaint and very nice. You would have to check with them to see if they have accomodations for kids. Many B&B's cannot accomodate children. Good luck.
The base is at 6,391 ft. About 3,000 ft vertical. If March is warm, Alta, Snowbird, Solitude or Brighton are the highest and your best bets.
Have fun on the mountain.
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My buds and I stayed for 3 weeks at Wolf Creek condos, at the base of Powder Mountain. It's relatively cheap, and well-maintained with the usual ammenities.

This location is about 10 min drive to Powder Mountain and about 17 min drive to Snowbasin. Much better than Ogden and likely no more expensive.

Snowbasin is a sleeping giant. A massive mountain with almost perfect, long, fall-line runs and the best lift-system I've seen. Enjoy!
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Lakeside village has a package that is good until 3-34-05, includes 2 bedroom condo and lift tickets to Basin. Check it out, good deal. There is not as much apres-ski activity at Basin as you would find in Park city but the skiing makes up for it IMO.

As far as being a gamble with snow conditions, PCMR, DV and the canyons are all in the same low elevation boat. Snowbasin usually shuts down for the season in mid april and lack of snow is hardly ever the reason.
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While in the area be sure to stop in at the Shooting Star Saloon in Huntsville. It is the Oldest continuously operated Saloon in Utah. You can have a Beer with the ghost of some of Utah's most famous Outlaws. I am sure Butch Cassidy, Sundance and Matt Warner and other members of The Wild Bunch most have stopped in for a drink or two while riding between Ogdan and thier hideouts on the Utah Wyoming boarder.
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Thanks for the advice. Checking it out now.
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I am with rquick on this one. Snowbasin is a great mountain, but low base elevation and bad exposure make late march iffy. Park City isn't much better. If I had kids with me, I would stay at Alta or Solitude.
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