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Nervous about new boot fit

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My son has the same feet as me: long and skinny, but maybe 1.5 sizes smaller. He generally wears size 12 in athletic shoes, though he sometimes squeezes into an 11 or 11.5 (I wear 13-14's). His foot measures a 29.5, mine measures a 30.5 both with "B" width.

He's currently in older Rossi KX's size 29.5's that are severely packed-out. His feet slop side-to-side in the boots to the point he loses control in the bumps - badly.

We ended up buying him some Lange Comp 120 MF's in an 11.5. The salesman was a young kid with minimal training, so between a 17 y.o. "fitter" and a 16 y.o. "fittee", I'm concerned the boots are going to end up being sloppy before long.

I wanted him to try some LF's (low fit), but the store didn't carry them.

I'm not sure how relevant the comparison is, but my old Langes are 13's and are definitely too big on my foot. I get the same scary slop when aggressively skiing bumps.

I've had in the back of my mind that if (when) the store can't fine tune the fit, I'll go see someone like Jeff Bergeron in Breck. However, I also realize those guys don't like to start with a boot that's a bit too big.

It's especially critical that we get him in a great fit, because then it'll be MY turn for new boots , and I'll likely go the same route - just a size or so bigger.


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HI Attacking Mid, I can empathise with you, my wife has the same issues only smaller. I can not give you a list of the narrowist boots unfortunately but I would say find the proper shell length and the lowest volume boot you can to start. I know Head has a narrower boot and many of the "race" boots on the market are lasted narrower. Once you find the closest fitting shell you can then a custom liner may help fill the voids as well as some bontex shims under the liner. A good bootfitter should be able to get you set up properly but it may take a little work and a little more money than just the boot purchase. good luck
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My wallet just keeps getting lighter :

We hit every ski shop in Co Spgs yesterday. Even found some Dalbello Kryptons for him to try, but it was not narrow enough. Christy Sports couriered down from Denver a pair of the low fit (LF) Lange Comp 120's in a size 11, and, "ding, ding ding", I think we have a winner!

Of course the MF's were last year's model on sale, and the LF's are current models NOT on sale. While cringing at spending over $600 for ski boots for my kid, I rationalized that $600+ for a boot that fits is a much better bargain than $350 for a boot that doesn't fit quite right.

This process made me realize that most skiers out there are probably buying the wrong boots for their feet. Most wouldn't take a day off work to hit every ski shop in town in quest of getting the right fit. The guys at Christy's, while certainly not world-reknowned bootfitters, at least were patient and competent at understanding my son's needs. The place where I bought the MF's obviously was willing to put a square peg in a round hole if necessary in order to make a sale.

Now I have to wait for my wife's severe case of sticker shock to subside before resuming my original quest of getting new boots for ME! The saga of the 15 y.o. Lange Pink Panthers will have to carry on for a while longer :

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Glad to here you found the right boot. I ask people all the time...."how much is your recreation time worth to you?" Why spend a bunch of money on ski, boots, plane tickets, etc. then compromise comfort and performance while skiing. It is worth the little bit extra believe me. I am sure your wife will appreciate the shopping spree you are giving her??!!
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