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Suggestions for good eats around Stowe?

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Had my first day on skiis yesterday... Bosquet in W. MA - snow was CRUNCHY, but was nice to be out there... anywho...

Spending 4 days in Stowe next week - are any of you foodies with great recommendations? Its just my husband and I, we like anything. Are looking to splurge on a nice meal or two, but also want to hear about best pizza, muchie food - your favorite anything near Stowe.

Also, anyone eating at the Cliff House (Cliff lodge?) on the mountain? Worth it? Overrated? Wonderful? Go back for dinner not lunch?

We're staying at the Golden Eagle, and was told there is excellent Pizza near there, otherwise, we're wide open!

Thanks and happy skiing! - K
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My wife and I have really liked Miguel's Stowe Away, upscale Mexican with some very interesting specials. We also really like Tratorria La Festa, quaint Italian with relatively moderate prices. Don't know that I'd make a special trip to the Cliff House though it's almost certainly the best best on the mountain for a decent lunch and we've never had dinner there, so... While at ETU some folks were giving rave reviews to another restaurant, the name of which eludes me. Hopefully they'll chime in.
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The Shed has some reeeaaaaaaalllllllll good american food - steaks, burgers etc. (and awesome beer). Apres ski there is fantastic.
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Yes The Shed is great!
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While my eating experiences at Stowe are limited, I think the Cliff House makes a good lunch, but satisfactory dinner. This does not take into account the experience of being at the top of the mountain for dinner. So, if you think you will get extra satisfaction for the whole experience thing (gondola at night, looking over the mountain, etc..) then its probably worth doing.

Around town, I had an excellent meal at the Cactus Cafe. As Stowe goes, the meal was very reasonable and the atmosphere was cute. Good margaritas as well
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Check out Pie in the Sky for the best pizza. The Cactus Cafe has good Mexican.
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I always like the Shed. Didn't the big restaurant burn down about 15 years ago. Was it rebuiltd?

I've also enjoyed Mr. Pickwick's Pub. Good selection of imported English ales.
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Its been awhile but I had a great italian dinner at a restaurant that was part of a pleasant and inexpensive B & B. http://www.trattorialafesta.com/index.html
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Just ate at Latrorria la festa this past Fall and it was great! WOuld highly recommend it.
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I live near Stowe and my favorite "special night out" is at the Blue Moon Cafe. It's a cozy restaurant, whimsical decor, warm colors. They serve very innovative cuisine, use local produce, and the menu changes weekly based on what's available at market. The wine list is quite extensive for a small restaurant. Service has always been excellent. Entrees are in the $20s.

If you like Thai food, try the Red Basil. Definitely Tratorria le Festa for Italian. The other recommendations so far are also right on.

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Old Vienna Tearoom is really good too.

Cliffhouse is very nice, and only open for dinner on specal ocassions. You can find more info on that on the Stowe website. If it's open when you are there, I highly recommend it.

Cactus Cafe and Miguel's are both good for Mexican, I think Cactus has a more imaginative menu, but Miguel's has better tacos. Also, good Sushi at the Matterhorn.
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Just wanted to say thanks for the advice - we ate our way through Stowe quite wonderfully! The skiing wasn't so good, but the food was.

Arrived Sunday night - Pie in the sky - awesome, real brick oven pizza.

Lunch Monday - mountain/parking was SO not crowded we left to go down the hill and eat at the Shed about 1:30 - Shepards pie to die for, hubby said pulled pork just as awesome. The beer (and ice on the mountain, we arrived during Sunday's rain storm, Jan 2nd) kept us from going back to ski.

Monday night - just munchies at the bar at Mr. Pickwicks - neat place, real menu looked quite $$$$$.

Tuesday, lunch was at the Cliffhouse, got there just about 2, had a great meal. No views as the fog never lifted, but since the skiing sucked it was nice to get a bottle of wine and just relax. I had the veggie risotto, hubby had the beef (short ribs I believe) the two together made a great meal. For the atmosphere, spend the money there and not on the bottom of the mountain.

Tuesday night, La Festa. Menu felt a bit limited, think all parm and red sauce items, but the choices we made were wonderful - I had the bolognese. The bill seemed cheap, $65 for wine, dinner, dessert... would certainly go back! Save room for dessert if you go...

Left Stowe for K-town on Wednesday morning, as their snow report looked much better... better skiing, but much worse eating! (and EXPENSIVE - Stowe was a much more enjoyable destination than Killington).

A plug for our place of lodging in Stowe... Golden Eagle Resort - nothing fancy, just wonderful overall. Met all expectations, and the breakfast was outstanding. Great pool/hottub/gym area, free internet/coffee in main lodge, large clean rooms - and a bargain to boot!
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The Shed is a good bet, but for the best steaks in Stowe, Gracies wins hands down. It's a little hard to find at first, but worth it. Note: go early or late - the line to get in is up the stairs & out the door from 6-8pm in season.

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Gracies! I've been to the Shed too and think that Gracies is 10 times better, we now go there every night we're up at Stowe. JoJo is the chef there and he's amazing. Pretty much anything on the menu is going to be fantastic
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We always seem to wind up at Pie in the Sky. Real good pizza.

Also like to go to Waterbury, there are only a few but they are good and less expensive.
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we liked Miguel's pretty well. the Matterhorn was really good (sushi, pizza, steak), but service was SLOW (it's a bit of a nightspot, and the restaurant at the back seems a bit of an afterthough).
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