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Beaver Creek Ski Instructor Recommendations

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I'm going to be in Beaver Creek with the family for a week from Jan. 18-25. They have a 3-Peat lesson series which is 3 consecutive all day group lessons for $179. Considering a single all day group lesson is $115 at Beaver Creek, this is a great deal. Heck, for $60 per day for an all day lesson, it's a great deal anywhere. My wife is a level 6 skier who needs to learn modern technique with shaped skis to carve her turns. I'm a level 8-9 skier who's looking to improve my mogul and tree skiing and maybe even try to learn how to do a heli if the conditions are soft enough. Any names of particularly good ski instructors that we should ask for when in the line up? Thanks!
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Hi Prosper!

Great to hear that you are returning to the Valley!

I regret to inform you that you will have no say over who your instr will be in a group lesson. The more experienced pro's will likely be teaching pvts, and the mid-level and less experienced will be teaching the groups.Depending upon how large your group is this time, and their level of proficiency, you may want to consider creating your own group, and doing it as a pvt.

I agree, the deal is a good one, but remember that you get what you pay for!

Best regards,
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Ric, thanks for your response. I agree that I will not likely be able to request a specific instructor and expect to have him or her teach my group lesson. However, when I took a group lesson at Vail a couple of years ago I did successfully requested that I have a PSIA Level III certified instructor. And I had a great "group" lesson (it actually ended up being a group of 1 since I was the only one at my level taking group lessons that day). I've been able to do this at just about every resort I've taken lessons at. Also I've had some limited success at other resorts getting some recommendations in advance of good instructors from folks at this and other forums. Then when I've gotten to the line up I've asked the person assigning groups whether those specific instructors were teaching that particular day and have gotten him or her occasionally. I've had less success with this tactic than with just asking for a PSIA Level III cert but it's worked in the past. So, I'm guess I'm just looking for a few names of some good instructors who might possibly be teaching group lessons at the Beav. I think a savvy consumer can often get more than what they pay for.
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If you turn on PM or email in your profile, you might get a few recommendations...some don't like to put names out in the public arena.
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Ant, sorry I didn't realize that my PM was off. PM is on now.
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