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Originally Posted by TerpSKI
Dude-you've been mulling this response over in your mind for a YEAR???

My thoughts exactly...
Last post the 31st of january 04, then today... Must have been a hell of a party !
Waking up from a 12 month coma with a serious hangover : 'Guys, where are you...?'
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Originally Posted by skiii
Then take out speed. The point is that they work against each other, and turning style is purely subjective.

Gate racing is aesthetic also, as is speed skating, where it would be absurd to give style points. In ski jumping, style is now a minimal factor which rarely makes the difference.
I really do not understand where you are coming from ...?
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Back in the Day

Originally Posted by skiii
That's right ghost. Finally someone gets it. I've been skiing bumps and following the sport since Wayne Wong
Me too skiii.
I skied with Wayne @ Waterville Valley.:
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I'm willing to bet that the guys skiing the zipper line well DO possess the skills used in other methods of mogul skiing; due to FIS's soul-sucking powers, however, they can only utilize them on their own time. Make no mistake about it, skiing the zipper line well takes a great deal of athleticism.
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Originally Posted by fressen
I see a lot of "Mogul skiing sucks, Mogul skiings rad!" On this thread. I would wager that the likes and dont likes are directly related to age of the skiers.

Over 50 and I'd rather ski bumps than groomed anyday (probablyfrom teaching other peoples' kids how to ski on the groomed). My home mountain: WP/MJ of course.

Some of the best bump skiers I know are older by a large factor than me. Do they zipperline, of course not. What they do is use technique (yes, technique) to ski bumps fast.
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You know, I agree with someone up above who said they'd like to see a mogul comp on a non-seeded run - it's a very different buggar. 3 years ago there was a competition seeded run on one of the runs to the left of the 6 chair at Breck (some local teams were using it for training - it had the big jumps and all built in). I saw it and thought, "what the heck?" (Note: it wasn't roped off, it was just there, and I did ski around the jumps - I like me my moguls, but I tried catching big air and landing in moguls exactly once - not doing it again.) Anyway, I zipperlined straight down it, and I normally don't (can't) zipperline moguls. It was actually much easier than skiing the non-competition, irregularly shaped and placed moguls to the left or right of the course. Now granted, I biffed it *really* hard one mogul from the bottom (looking 2 turns ahead in moguls is great, but I was looking ahead, saw "no more turns" and forgot that I still had two more turns to make before I was actually in the "no more turns" area), but I'm far more impressed watching great mogul skiers pound natural runs than I am watching WC mogul comps. They get great air, do great tricks, and landing in moguls after doing that is really, really damn hard - but the moguls themselves? Not a big deal.

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They judge turns in mogul comps? Yeah, riiiight! I know they SAY they do, but I don't think I've ever seen someone finish slower than the other guy and win the run, unless the air was crap. But usually, if the air was that bad, they exploded on impact, and didn't finish first.

Back when I lived in Summit Co, and they were doing the WC Freestyle champs at Breck, the bump contest was run on Mach 1 (I think that's the run next to chair 6?? I can't remember), and those bumps were NOT seeded in any way. Those bumps had been there for months.

When we do (did - it's been a while) bump contests on our local hill, there was no rhyme or reason to the bump patterns. All the bumps are formed by a huge majority of intermediate skiers, and they basically suck (the bumps) for a contest, because there are no lines more then 3 bumps long. It does make it interesting
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Surfing my ancient ski sites in anticipation of a trip to Crested/Breck. I hope mogul comp. doesn't die. Still think turn judging is too subjective and unnecessary.
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Skii they ought remove speed not form. And I quite agree with riverOil on this as to the terrain issue. As for aerials, let them figure out where to get air on the way down. Yeah it would cut down on a lot of the aerial gymnastics but then the current state of aerials has little reality to classic bump skiing. Reality is there are a fair number of bumps skiers that could not go slow even if they wanted to. Going slow in bump, keeping an expert form to look good is not easy. Like I am not talking about some intermediate scraping their way slowly down through a bump field but rather someone going down the zipper line with smooth style.

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I am with John H on this one. I think the non-judgement of turns in mogul skiing competition is the reason that competition mogul technique does not translate to recreational mogul skiing like ski racing does to recreational ski turns.
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