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Help an oldskool guy with ski demo recommendations

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I'm a dinosaur who has finally decided to retire my Salomon 1s skis for some newer boards.

My history:

Raced a bunch in the past

Worked in the industry for 6 years, way back when Salomon first introduced skis.

I love steeps and crud and have always free skied on long GS skis (1s size 208 IIRC). I like the torsional rigidity in bad snow. My braced knee doesn't like bumps as much as I do so I tend to stay away.

I ski in the Tahoe area.

"carving" has been how I've always skied so I guess it's a good thing that skis now make it easier for any schmo to carve...

Not interested in the skate-influenced circus of pipes and rails.

We're starting to ski again as our kids are now 7 and 9.

So can folks name a few models that I should look to demo?

Thanks in advance.
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I suppose it probably depends on the type of skiing you will be doing know. Are you going to be cruising with the kids or racing to keep up with them ;-)?

Being used to straight skis you'll find that if your carved skis are too soft or too short you will be over powering them. Go for something stiffer, and perhaps about your height, or a little shorter.

As for which ski's, I haven't been out their trying much lately, but when I transferred over to carved 2 years ago, I was very impressed by the Monster Head iM70's, but you may want to go wider in the waist, if you are still into the crud.
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justsomeguy, welcome to EpicSki! You'll find many impressions of skis in the review forum. You'll also get a lot of different opinions. You fit a profile for whom I recommend the standard test set:
  1. Fischer RX8, 170cm (possibly 165cm)
  2. Atomic Metron:b5, 162cm
  3. Elan S12, 170cm
  4. Volkl 6*, 170cm
Those should give you some great options. I'd also recommend that you spend some time brushing up your technique (search on "Perfect Turn" and "Slow Line Fast" in the technique forum for some interesting reading).

Good luck! And let us know how you fare in your demoing!
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You sound a lot like a friend who recently demoed my Fischer RX9's at Loveland and loved them. The RX9 is more moderate in shape than the RX8, and is a bit wider under the foot. It has a very stable and solid feel and is not overly turny, which reminds me of the traditional GS skis I've owned. I haven't yet had a chance to ski it in truly nasty crud, but I expect it to be very good in those conditions. If I were skiing the conditions that are common in the Tahoe area, I would take the RX9 over the RX8.

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I would agree with the other folks here on the Fischer recommendation. I just purchased a pair of Fischer RX8s (170cm) after being on "old school" long boards forever. They are fantastic.

It sounds like you definitely have the experience and ability for these skis. The RX8 is a lively ski with a shorter radius sidecut, while the RX9 would be more suited to longer radius turns.

Good Luck!
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I'm in the east. For most of my skiing life I have been running SG racing skis at DH speeds on groomed runs outside of officially sanctioned races (and I've only been warned once for "skiing in a tuck"), but in recent years, I have resorted to trying to race through bumps to up the challenge level, and because it's a little safer due to the lower speeds; I'm older and wiser now.

My demo list for non warp-speed stuff includes Rossignol 9S Oversize, Fischer RX8, and Atomic SX11. The current top runner is the 9S; I'm demonstrating the RX8 on Thursday. I've heard good things about the Atomic SX11, but think based on my experience with the 9s and 9x that it might be too long-radius for what I'm looking for. I'm keeping my old SG skis for high-speed blasting. If you want to do some of that then you might want to add Rossignol 9X oversize , and Fisher RX9 to the list.
Happy skiing.

The Atomic SL11 seems like a fun short-radius ski too, but I still have to try it out.
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Stockli Cross or Stormrider XL. The Cross is a great groomer ski. The XL is a better crud ski with the characteristics of a GS ski. I'm on the Spririt Pro II (their "all mountain ski") and was really surprised at how old school I can act if I want and they deliver.

One word of warning...... none of the new sidecuts tolerate the old ankles glued together stance well. But if your an old racer, I doubt you have that problem.
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