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Got my new boots, smaller size

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Well I finally completed my new set up. A couple of weeks ago I caught a nice deal on a pair of Atomic SX9, with the 412 bindings.

Today, I just bought a new pair of Atomic T10 boots. I tried on several different models, Technica, Lange, Dalbello. The T10s really fit the best, and happened to have just been marked down.

Even though I know they fit the best, I am nervous because they are a size 27. My regular shoes are usually a 10.5 though. I know it's probably psychological, but I "just think" they are small. Anyone else feel like this? The sales guy said that you want the smalled shell you can comfortably fit into though. Skis are getting fitted tonight and I am going out tomorrow to see how they work. I will report back in tomorrow night.
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there are two things here:

american shoe sizes are at least marked a size larger than shoe sizes in other countries. for example, your size 10.5 is actually a UK 9.5, which would mean a 27 shell would be a "true fit"(i'm not going to get started on the size complex in the US, but i think you can extrapolate yourself). i tell all boot customers to throw everything out the window that they know about fitting shoes when they come to me for a new ski boot. i often fit people at least one shell size down from their shoe size. but i use a brannock first to measure their foot. most people have not a clue how their foot actually measures.

the bootfitter is correct about smallest shell that works. ski boots have very different performance targets than a street shoe. this said, you should not buy a ski boot that is uncomfortable (some people do however for specific reasons not needed by most skiers). the smaller the boot, the closer you are to the shell, which results in better energy transfer and "feel".

so, if you got the boot that feels the best, throw out the psychology and just enjoy them!
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I picked up a pair of the Atomic T10's two weeks ago. Size was 26.6, I have a an orthotic that I replaced the stock footbed with. I wear a 10-10.5 shoe. Medium width feet. I had approx 1 finger behind the heel when I shell sized.

In the store my toes felt a little snug against the front of the boots. After the first day of skiing the liner stretched enough to eliminate this concern.

I always had skied in a 27 boot prior to this Atmoic T10 purchase. I believe the smaller shell size works for me in the Atomic boot becasue the boot is still a pretty large volume boot with a wide toe box. Downsizing a shell size in this boot I think made things almost perfect. I've skied on them now 4 times and all is well. You'll get that "scootch" more room you want after skiing them once or twice.

My shop didn't have the 1 degree cant washers for the boot soles( placed underneath the lugs ) but were ordering them for me.

I really liked the flex of the boot . I also believe after skiing them that they are very responsive boots and are very quick edge to edge.

Good luck with them , I think based on what you described as your in the shop fit, you'll be fine after a day of skiing.
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