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What's the Best Backcountry Pack?

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Hey all. I'm looking for a good ski pack for day trips in the back country. Need a pack that is really easy to strap skis onto and fit boots inside of. Affordability is a plus. Anyone have any ideas?
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Agustaf2, If you're looking for affordability, Dakine makes some nice packs that should fit the bill. REI has a bunch on sale right now on their website. They aren't as well made as some on the market, but they will serve the purpose and have some good features. I use the Dakine's Heli pack for lift served and heliskiing, due to its small size - you can sit comfortably in a chairlift or helicoper without being pushed off of the seat. Anyway, back to b/c packs...my favorite is my BCA Stash BC. Everything you need and nothing you don't. And the insulated/zippered hydration tube is a cool feature. A little on the heavy and spendy side, though.
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Try the Black Diamond Slide. Has space for skis either side, shovel and probe, and has an integrated hydration pouch. Looks cool too.
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Wookey Shovel Pack, made in Bozeman MT. See them here: http://www.liquidmoonsports.com/prod...products_id=28
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Hmmm. none of the packs mentioned can haul boots inside. If you really need to carry boots and skis I reccomend you click the boots into the skis and then attach skis to the pack, much easier. I have used the BCA stash bc pack alot and it is a very good pack, pricey though. Black Diamonds slide pack is very good also but on the small side, more of a resort/boundry type pack.
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Are you stashing the boots inside while in the BC? I'm kinda confused, but maybe you're snowshowing in or something? if so then grab some alpine trekkers at the least or get a hot AT binding like some Naxo's.
Anyway, back to the point, I ski with a Marmot Eiger... 2,200 cubic inches, 2 ski carry systems (a-frame and cross carry) Roll top to keep water out, removable aluminum stay, slim profile, all in all, a decent bag. $99 is though to beat. Black Diamond makes some hot stuff too. Never been a huge fan of Dakine.
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The wookey is way overpriced for what you get for the size. I tried one out last year and one of the multiple frenzy of straps got hooked around the chair and put me face down on the off ramp. OK, more humiliating than anything. But I sold it promptly. Now use a Heli Pro. More room, less expensive, less retro strap confusion, and maybe not made in Montana, but I can live with that!
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there are lots of good packs out there

I did some research and just bought a Dakine Vertex 1300 cu inch pack in color black at Backcountry.com on sale for $63 (it's off sale now but will probably be back on sale again soon....they tend to put things on sale every other day it seems! good site to bookmark)

Tons of features and very well made (only problem I found is that the straps are all too long, but they can be cut back)

I outfitted it with a CamelBak 70 hydration bladder since th enew CamelBak's have an opeing that you can fit your hand into to keep clean


my second choice was the Dakine Heli-Pro, which is a bit more expensive, but they are essentially interchangeable

third choice was Black Diamond Frenzy, but it's not worth twice the price of the Dakine, imho (very cool looking though!)


another good one is the North Face Off Chute pack at $119, but again, the Dakine Vertex is better and half the price


now I'll throw something out there for those who value avalanche safety above all else....check scroll down and check out the "ABS" packs near the end of this link.....they have self-inflating balloons that supposedly make you float to the surface if caught in an avalance.....very pricy, but for those with $$$ who do heli skiing often, probably affordable (could save your life)


hope all this info helps
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more feedback on TGR about Dakine packs

all positive by the way

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long thread on TGR re: backpacks for skiing

(lots of props for the Dakine Heli Pro on it)

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I suppose it depends on how big your feet are, but I can fit 26.5 Technica's or Lowa Struktura's into a Dakine Chute backpack.......looking at Dakine's website, but I don't see the Chute listed anymore. It is comparable to the Poacher but without the snowboard carrying system.


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