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Wolf Creek Info?

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My wife and I are heading over to Wolf Creek next week for the first time. Anybody have any secrets they would like to share. Also need some good lodging in the Pagosa Springs area.

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Sorry Clayton - dont know of any secrets - but that mountain rocks - one of the great pure mountains...no BS - have a blast....

I remeber dropping into a creek bed that was pretty gnarly while I was there - wouldnbt have the slightest clue how to give directions though - nice cornice drop ins after a short hike from the summit too. : )
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its been a while since I have skied there...but a few of the local hotels right near the springs used to offer great ski/stay deals, and access to the springs for a soak. I would call around or look on the web and see what is available.

For skiing, I remember the waterfall area as great, and now that they have added another lift since I was last there I imagine the tree skiing is quite nice.

They have great snow...enjoy!
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Check with Tom Burch

PM Tom for more info re: WC. He was a supervisor there for many years, and still owns/operates a guest ranch outside of town. (closed during the winters)

Enjoy! They currently have more snow than any area in Colorado!
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Wolf Creek is a very nice area. I skied it for the first time last season. It was two days after a big storm and I still found plenty of untracked in the trees. WC has great tree skiing, far better than its southern neighbor Taos, NM for example. Explore areas off of Simpatico and the Waterfall Area for hidden snow with steep 40-50 degree pitches. Be careful though, WC's mountain is short steep... flat... short steep... flat... In a big storm, you can find yourself stuck in flat land Hell. Good hike to and open stuff on Alberta Peak and Knife Ridge Chutes. The lifts are slow but that is not such a bad thing either. Overall, WC is a very cool laid back place and may be the best secret in CO.
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Thanks for the info guys. We are leaving sunday and I will post a report when I get back.
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