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Tuning and Racing

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I've been out of racing for a while and am a bit out of date on tuning techniques.

Are you racers sticking to the manufacturers recommended edge bevels? I have stockli's and the recommendation is 0 degrees on the bottom tapering to 0.5 degrees at the tip and tail and 1 degree for the sides. It seems that the general racing recommendation is 2 or 3 degrees for the side.

I've also noticed recommendations that the new shaped skis should not have the tips and tails detuned. I've also read current recommendations to still do it. The tip and tail are what make the ski arc and create a turn, especially on shaped skis. With that said, I don't want to reduce the ski's ability to carve so I think I will play it safe and leave the tips and tails sharp unless I am catching an edge more than normal. Any opinions?

For anyone who's interesting, there's a lot of tuning info at http://www.tognar.com
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The information you recieved about NOT detunning the tips and tails is correct. Don't detune the tips and tails. As for angles on the ski. I would, until you figure out what you like, stay with the manufactures suggestion. I do think that a change in base bevels a third through the ski is a little much. A solid .5, .7, or 1.0 degree on the base is just fine. Usually the only time you will find varing base bevels is on a DH board. It's always nice to have your skis slice through ice like it were butter, and they can if you start playing with the side bevel. 1 degree is fine but the more you increase the angle remember the more edge is being taken off. Therefore making more of an acute angle. But this also drasticly increases the amount one needs to tune and the life of the ski. I have a pair of 2 year old 10,22's w/ a 1 base and 3 side. After two seasons of racing on them I have to retire the skis because there is no edge left to work with.

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I thought Stockli was 1 degree for the base and the side.

Send a pm to vita-man for the latest Stockli info.

I'll be seeing him tomorrow but with my past 50 memory ..... what were we talking about?
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