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Academy Fitness Program Completed

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Finally! Apologies for the delay! I went in over my head this time. The program contains 42 exercises, using different types of balance toys. There are also some equipment-free exercises. Needless to say, you will not be doing all of them in one session. For that reason, the order of exercises is somewhat arbitrary. There is a suggested sequence, but it is not neccesarily the letter of the law. I've created routines for various levels of fitness. Please exercise good judgement! Normally, these would be personalized, but it's hard to do that for 50 participants.

Some important points:
The program was created on PT on the net, a paid membership program development site, created by a few brilliant Aussie guys, for personal trainers. As "clients of the Academy" by the rules of the site, you are a "client of mine." Pretty please, abide by the rules of my Aussie friends.
Do not post any of the photos of the exercises on Epicski. People have done that on other sites, and legal action was taken.

If you have friends who are personal trainers, do not foward the program to them. The url is http://ptonthenet.com
Membership is inexpensive for the wealth of information that you receive.

Let me know if you have questions!
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Great, LM! Thanks...

Now, can you give me a little more insight into how to find it on the site? Pretty please?
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Whoaa! Just got a major attack of PMs!

To clarify, the program is not on the site. Nolo usually emails out the entire file. With her permission, I will email it to anyone who "just can't wait."
Dwight, Nolo, would that be okay?
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I just sent the link to everyone registered at the moment. If you do not receive it and should have, please contact me at academy@epicski.com.
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Anyone who wants it now, PM me with your email address. {Uh oh, better clear out my PM box!:}

BTW, I have an article this month in a new publication, Herpsorts. The title is Strong and Centered. A little humor: In my bio, they state they I am Fitness coach for Montana's Epicski Academy!
Is that the Academy's new home?
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Oops, Lisa, I thought I could mail it out and edit the post before you caught me.
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Okay. Change of plans. Nolo has sent them. And the magazine is Hersports, not Herpsorts.
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The Academy's home is any big mountain with good snow stats and a friendly management.
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Student Survey

If you are attending ESA and have not yet submitted your student survey, please download this document and return it to me: http://www.paragoncoaching.com/pub/d...dentData05.doc

Many thanks!
nolo at academy@epicski.com
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thanks nolo and LM

excellent training guide. good inspiration for me to finally get a fitness ball and some foam rolls. maybe I'll get back my old flexibility of 20 years ago?
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