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Awesome deal on local Mtn.

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The kids were old enough to start skiing this year so we took them up on one of the local mountains (small but only 45mins away http://www.cypressmountain.com/new_conditions.html )

The kids love skiing which is great, however with their rentals, and family lift passes and some lessons for them so we can ski for a couple hours a day on our own it was over $250/day.
We heard about a Mountain Host program that requires working 1 day a week and getting a free family pass along with reduced prices on rentals and lessons which will lower our daily cost to under $50/day. My wife has quite a bit of time off and thought working a Friday evening would be fine. She was accepted today, so we are officially a family that will be skiing on a regular basis which is awesome!!!

We will be tied to one mountain primarily, but at this point with the kids still learning, that is not a problem. Cypress will also be getting some new facilities for freestyle moguls and snowboarding for the 2010 Winter Olympics, the new runs/lifts etc will start going in this year.
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What a sweet deal! Nothing wrong with Cypress. I struggled with being able to afford skiing for my whole family for years. With night skiing you can really take advantage of it without feeling tied in to staying for the whole day. Have fun!
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